February-March 2011

Vol. 15, No. 5: February-March 2011
Melt The Winter Blues With Fiery Music
396 Fusion, 304 Rock, 145 Shred, 112 Metal, 40 Surf, 268 Acoustic... More!

Welcome to the February edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. Stylistic variety within the instrumental guitar specialty market continues to be our hallmark, as 21 primary styles are in the spotlight in our new style-specific SoundCheck pages (click on 'View Other SoundChecks...'). In the past two months we've added another 17 new releases to the site, including instrumental CDs by Stuart Hamm, Petr Henych/G-BOD, Visual Cliff, Luna Blanca, Anthimos Manti, Les Sabler, Dan Lambert, Kermheat, Salvo Vecchio, Seree Lee, Alien Guitar Abduction and Greg Chako. You can now listen to and order 1776 instrumental releases by 1135 different artists.

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