February-March 2006

Vol. 10, No. 5: February-March 2006
International Scope For Guitar Music Broadens
Instrumental Music, Enjoyed Without Language Barriers, Finds New Fans

Welcome to the February edition of Guitar Nine's online magazine. After almost 10 years, the Guitar Nine web site and store continues to attract both new customers and new artists from all over the world. We service over 90 different countries now, and in the past two months, we've added 27 titles to the site, including instrumental CDs by Buckethead, Ty Oliver, Matt Rae, Warren Robert, Zuzo Moussawer, Terminal A, Torquays, Estrume'n'tal, Martin Motnik, Patrick Rondat, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Hideaki Nakama, Mike Hartman, Neil Citron, Atlantics, Eric Mantel, Will Landrum, Jasun Tipton, Curt Shaw, Guitar Garden, Ed Vick, Dave Hart, Jesse Cook, Clarelynn Rose, Timo Tolkki and Tim Donahue. You can now listen to and order 1799 instrumental releases by 1013 different artists. Visit the Instrumental Guitar Showcase to browse and listen to all of these dynamic recordings, or check out our recommendations page. If you've released an instrumental project, get all the details about merchandising through Guitar Nine, and decide if it's right for your music (if you've released a guitar-oriented CD with vocals, click here).

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