August-September 2017

Vol. 22, No. 2: August-September 2017
"Movable Picking Patterns", "Writing Lyrics", 4 Others
Six Articles From Four Guest Columnists Featured In This Issue

Welcome to the August edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. Picking patterns and jazz appreciation are just two of the subjects found in this issue, giving guitarists more ways to improve their playing ability and educate themselves about the business of music. In total, four guest columnists have submitted excellent articles on a range of musical topics of interest to practicing musicians. A new interview with guitarist Pascal Allaigre is also featured. After working through the information and lessons, please sample some great music released by over 1000 musicians we've worked with over the past 21 years! Of note, we've published over 220 artist interviews, while over 210 musicians and industry experts have written close to 1100 guest columns for this site since 1996.

Guitar Nine's August-September 2017 newsletter.

Tommaso Zillio
Tommaso Zillio

Playing a chord progression accurately does not necessarily mean the progression will sound good.

Simon Candy
Simon Candy

Studying other styles of music such as jazz, will only make you a better, more rounded acoustic guitar player and musician.

Tom Hess
Tom Hess Opus 2

Here are the true reasons for Vai`s world-class guitar playing and the lessons each one holds for you.

Mike Campese
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

focusing on picking and moveable shapes that will help to create longer lines.

Tommaso Zillio
Tommaso Zillio

Tommaso argues these myths are designed to keep your playing stagnant.

Tommaso Zillio
Tommaso Zillio

The basis of all lyric writing - you may know one or two of these, but even then you need to practice the third one.

Dan McAvinchey
Guitar Haus

I`ve just released my seventh instrumental album, which is now available on all web platforms, as are my six previous releases.