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The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.

Name Primary use Secondary use Guitarssort descending Site
Mark Easparro Jamming/Fun Demos Martin d28, HD35, ovation 12 elite string
Rod L. Short Demos Commercial work Martin HD-35..... Various electrics( mostly vintage Fenders and Gibsons)
Grant Fife Jamming/Fun Martin MC28, 1976 Fender telecaster deluxe
Rusty Bough Recording Practice/Rehearsal Martin MD, Alverez PD85SCAV Acoustic Electric, Washburn Jumbo J28SDL,Alvarez AD60SBK,Johnson 12 string
Joe Whitehead Demos Composition Martin Shenandoah accoustic Fender Strat electric Yes
Rob Barrick Recording Demos Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Warwick bass Yes
Pule Moni Composition Demos Maton Acoustic Ibanez Acoustic Westone Electric Yes
Matt Eastwell Recording Composition Maton (an australian make) small body accoustic Ibanez Roadstar 2
Mark Irwin Recording Demos Maton ms500 mastersound,67 strat, ibanez gem and js10th, yamaha pacifica, and and old tesco.
Keith Welchel Demos Melody Maker, Epiphone Hollow Body Electric, Kramer, Takamine, Greco Ibanez Bass SR400, Fender Musicmaster Bass
Robert W. Marcus Other Demos Mexican Stratocaster, Chinese assembled Fender acoustic, Tobias 5-string electric bass.
Shawn Fallahi Demos Composition MexicanStrat (got rid of my US Strat 'cause this one sounded much better! Old Charvel custom built Chris Risolla (CA). Yamaha APX-4 (plugged in and miked with AKGC1000s). Washburn Bass (P-Bass style)
John Connolly Recording Commercial work Michale Kelly Patriot Q, Ovation Celebrity Yes
Roy Vogt Commercial work Recording Modulus fretted and fretless Quantum 6s, Carvin Fretted and Fretless 6s, Conklin 7 string bass, Fender Jazz bass, Fender Mustang bass with flatwounds, Alembic bass, Hotwire fretless 6, Hungarian and Czech upright basses, Carruthers Electric Upright, Chapman Stick Yes
Richard McCroskey Commercial work Mossman Acoustic Strat with EMG pickups G&L L2000 bass Sherry Brener Classical
Allen Kave Composition Recording Mostly PRS customs and Callaham strats and telescope.
Marc Klock Commercial work Composition Music Man Axis Sports, Music Man Stingray Bass, Gibson 135, Les Paul Standard, Taylor Acoutics Yes
Neil Zaza Recording Composition Music Man EVH (hardtail), 2 Zion semi hollow Teles, Fender Strat ('57 reissue), Hamer Duotone, Artist Archtop, Daytona, "Spider-Man", and Sustainiac Ovation Collector Series Acoustics Yes
David Batts Commercial work Demos Music Man SabreII Music Man Stingray Bass Ken Smith 5 String Bass Yes
David Raines Recording Demos Music Man, Fenders, Ibanez Yes
Kicho Forrest Recording Demos Music man,Ibanez,fernandes,G&L,Burnes London
Prentice Tyndall Recording Demos Musicians bring their own guitars. Yes
Steve Lemmens Composition Demos Musicman OLP (petrucci) , Les Paul studio custom
Scott Linder Composition Jamming/Fun Musicman, Siloutte Special "my baby". 64 reissue Strat. A squire telecaster. 78 Explorer.
Robert Cyril Composition Jamming/Fun My neighbour's ( epiphone ) Yes
Richie E. Irby Composition Recording N/A
Derryl Harris Demos Recording N/a Yes
Andrew Underberg Demos Jamming/Fun NA
Ken Cromie Commercial work Demos No Yes
Chris Dunston Demos Composition None Yes
Sara Stearns Other Commercial work None Yes
Antonio Gibbs Demos Jamming/Fun None
Steven Andrews Demos Commercial work None
AnDray Strickland Jamming/Fun Demos None
Micheal S. Gagliano Demos Jamming/Fun NONE
Artie Meyer Recording Demos None Yes
Rui Nash Recording Practice/Rehearsal None
Josh Reed Demos Recording None
Raymond Crawley Demos Composition None at present
Darrin Muir Composition Jamming/Fun None right now.
Conrad Dudley Recording Recording None yet
Jason Henndogg Recording Jamming/Fun None yet
Michael Grant Recording Other NONE! Im a keyboardist. Yes
Dan Findlay Other Composition None-what-so-ever Yes
Ranni Johns Composition Other None. Yes
Daniel Whitfield Recording Commercial work None... looking for collaboration Yes
James Simpson Composition Demos None....I run my Alesis QS6 thru various Guitar FX Processors.
Jarel Lamar Badger Demos Jamming/Fun Not at all
Justin Massena Composition Demos Nothing fancy. a cheap Crate, cheap Ibanez, fender bass
L. Daniel Practice/Rehearsal Demos Numerous