Home Studio Registry: Justin Richardson

Future plans/projects

Plan on completing enough material to compile an album.I am seeking to collaborate with singers/songwriters,my main instrument is guitar ,but for the lack of muscians ,I also play drums and bass.My style is a mixture of 80s metal ,and hardcore bands like ratt,but with emphasis on vocals , melodic structure and harmonized guitars (example: Boston!),I have worked on several songs with keyboards as well.,


Yamaha electrics and Martin Acoustics


Ensoniq keyboards

Sound modules

Make heavy use of soundfonts using SB live card in my computer rig.


Drums are samples or soundfonts,then converted to wave format,using Cubase software ,Sampled drums can sound very near real drums!


Digitech rp7 valve guitar preamp,rockman smartgate,chorus,x100,dod compressor,zoom 3030 module.Yamaha rack reverb,Digitech delay unit,eqs,etc. software effects :5 DIFFERENT reverbs,4 compressions,7 types of delay,3 flangers,etc.


Peavey 700 series


Computer mixing/Tascam mixing

Tape decks

Fostex 4 track(never used!) I record directly to hard drive ,with 96 track software

Hard disk recorders



Amd k6-3 450 mhz 256 mb ram,23 gigabyte drives,Sb live card(2 in ),audiowerk 8 (8 output card)(2 in),series 3 soundcard(2in)

Music software

Cubase Vst 3.7,Cakewalk 9,Logic Audio platinum ,wavelab,COOL EDIT PRO,Vegas,Soundforge,Guitar pro,etc.....,tons of direct x and vst plugins!!,Cubase Vst is the most often used.

Additional equipment

Numerous guitar effects:Ibanez tube screamer,Marshall Power amp,Kustom 4x12 cab,Kustom 130w head,Digitech Whammy,DIgitech chorus/flange,dod compressor,Zoom 9002,Technics 7 band and 10 band eq,Dod gate units.

Additional notes

Plan to build a bigger studio in the future

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians