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The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.

Note: Stock studio photos appear on tiles below, unless Member has uploaded their own studio photo (example).

Guitars in use:
Custom made Neal Moser, Gibson Les Pauls with emg's. Also Mesa Boogie stack..Lots of stuff for the guitarist..Rocktron
Guitars in use:
Ibanez and Fender...Amps...Peavey ClassA Clasic 30 tube amp, also COSM Amps installed on HD digital recorder, the likes of Saldon, Matchless, Marshall, JC120...etc...etc.......
Guitars in use:
Paul Reed Smith Custom, Fender Roland-ready Strat (with Roland Vg88), Ibanez RG740, Carvin DC custom, Ovation Std. Balladeer
Guitars in use:
Jackson Dinky XP, Fender Jazz Bass


Nik Huber Orca Bernie Marsden ...and more, view Guitarsenal
Nik Huber Orca Bernie Marsden
Gibson Custom Peter Frampton Les Paul
Jackson Pro Rhoads RR3
Schecter Blackjack SLS Avenger FR-S SWX
Moya Dragons 7-String Custom
Dean Michael Schenker Standard