Home Studio Registry: Andrew J. Zito

Future plans/projects

Currently finishing an album project for the group i4ni...from begining to the end, including mastering. Planing to remodel tracking room #1 in late winter or early spring, with the addition of an ISO both.


Ibanez and Fender...Amps...Peavey ClassA Clasic 30 tube amp, also COSM Amps installed on HD digital recorder, the likes of Saldon, Matchless, Marshall, JC120...etc...etc.......


Roland D-5


Roland Human Rhythm R-70 Drum processor run into a Roland MC-80 octapad and various Simons pards and trigers via midi.


World calss inboard EFX installed in the HD digital recording system, as well as a rack of out-board EFX including Berhinger, Lexicon, Peveay , Digitech, etc....


World class COSM Mic's installed in the HD Digital Recorder, aswell as Sure 58's and 57's, a matched pair of Peavey Dimaond seris Mic's, Peavey Omnie Condenser overheads and an AKG C-3000


Internal Mixing Board on HD Recorder/ 16x4x2x1 o/b Studio Master (English board)

Tape decks

Roland VS1680 Version 2.02 with internal EFX cards 256 virtual tracks plays back to 16 tracks, w/Mastering Suite...Sony DAT...Awai Cassette Deck.

Hard disk recorders

CDRII CDburner, set up to burn Cd's from Roland VS1680 and from my IBM Aptiva Computer...Also set up to do CD lables,jewel case inserts and Booklets.


JVC power amp, JBL nera field and Pinacles for mid field...Head Phones are JVC and Sony's Fostex Stereo 5 head phone distribution system


Ibm Aptiva....*gig HD...64mb Memory

Music software

Adaptec Cd Burning soft ware....Nato Jewel Case and Labaling system.

Additional notes

Our rates are $22 per hr. or an 8 hr. block of time is just $160 and you recive One CD one-off of your project. We also have Mastering capabilities at $15 per song. We are located in Lockport, NY, just 35 minutes from Buffalo,NY, Niagara Falls,NY, and 45 minutes from Niagara Falls and St. Caterains Ontario, Canada. Ph 1(716) 434-4838 or E-mail ajzito@ibm.net

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100