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The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.

Note: Stock studio photos appear on tiles below, unless Member has uploaded their own studio photo (example).

Guitars in use:
Epiphone Les Paul,telecaster, ibanez 7-string, 12-string acoustic, a couple of peavy basses,5string fender p-bass, a couple of "no-name" electric-guitars with good sound.
Guitars in use:
Fender Telecaster, Yamaha SBG2000, Yamaha acoustic...Mesa Boogie amp...
Guitars in use:
Washburn acoustic, Fender Strat, Guild D-30
Guitars in use:
Fender, Seagull, Ibanez, Washburn
Guitars in use:
Larrivee D-09E, Taylor T5, Hagstrom HJ600, Seagull 12-string, Fender acoustic bass, Guild ES200, Guild D55
Guitars in use:
Guitars in use:
Ovation acoustic
Guitars in use:
Music Man EVH (hardtail), 2 Zion semi hollow Teles, Fender Strat ('57 reissue), Hamer Duotone, Artist Archtop, Daytona, "Spider-Man", and Sustainiac Ovation Collector Series Acoustics
Guitars in use:
Jackson Dinky XP, Fender Jazz Bass


ESP Exhibition Series EXL FRX-CTM ...and more, view Guitarsenal
ESP Exhibition Series EXL FRX-CTM
Jackson Custom Shop King V KV2
Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Ibanez LGB30 George Benson
Framus GPS Devin Townsend Stormbender
Fender James Burton Telecaster