Home Studio Registry: Neil Zaza

Future plans/projects

My studio is the backbone of my musical career. I write, produce, and do everything musical in there. I am in the process of writing new material for my next record right now.


Music Man EVH (hardtail), 2 Zion semi hollow Teles, Fender Strat ('57 reissue), Hamer Duotone, Artist Archtop, Daytona, "Spider-Man", and Sustainiac Ovation Collector Series Acoustics


Roland JV-30 for a MIDI controller

Sound modules

Roland GR-09


Alesis D4, Roland DR-660 and Yamaha RY-10 (my favorite). The Yamaha sounds the cheapest and the coolest


2-SPX 90s, Intelliverb, Intellifex, Replifex


Rode NT1, Shure 57, Beta 57, Peavey 480


Mackie 32x8 although I do all my mixing in Pro Tools

Tape decks

Pro Tools

Hard disk recorders

Pro Tools


Event 20/20 BAS, Yamaha NS-10s, Hafler M5


Macintosh G4 450, 2-30 GB internal ATA drives, two external 37 GB FireWire drives

Music software

Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Peak, SoundJam

Additional equipment

I also have in my immediate set up a MOTU midi timepiece II, Alesis AI-1BBE 462, Furman patchbays, 2- dbx 166s, 2-Alesis 3630s, Peavey VMP-2, ART Tube MP, Rocktron Chameleon, Voodu Valve and an assortment of amps.

Additional notes

I love having my own studio to create and do music all the time. I could not imagine being a professional musician without it. You can do a record or record at any time and be as creative as you want.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40