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February-March 2002
Tim Sweeney

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney chips in on the makings of a great stage show.

June-July 2002
Tim Sweeney

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney on getting the most from your hometown fans.

October-November 2002
Jamie Andreas

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas talks about a problem more common than anyone knows - and how to deal with it.

April-May 2003
Chris Juergensen

How Chris satisfies both his financial and artistic needs and how you can too.

October-November 2003
Joy Basu

Joy Basu discusses getting pop gigs and what to expect during the auditions.

February-March 2004
Dan Lambert

Dan Lambert with a story about gigging abroad.

February-March 2004
David Vincent Jones

Guitarist Neil Brocklebank`s logistics manager talks about the difficulties facing a small time touring band.

April-May 2001
Dan Lambert

How to give restaurant patrons a reason to come for the music - in addition to the meal.

February-March 2005
Mike Walsh

Hess guitarist Mike Walsh returns with an essential list of items you`ll need for your live shows.

February-March 2007
Robert Walker

It`s easy than you think to play the fool.

February-March 2008
David Martone

Take a tour of the live performance capable Digitruck, with Canadian guitarist David Martone.

April-May 2008
David Martone

A peek at the Satriani instructional sessions, with Canadian guitarist David Martone.


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