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April-May 1998
Guitar Haus

How to keep from destroying your confidence by setting realistic expectations for your recording projects.

June-July 1998
Guitar Haus

No man is an island. No indie label is an island either. The importance of cooperation.

February-March 1999
Guitar Haus

The odds of doing anything significant in the music business are long from the start, but artists who can't think beyond the short term have it thousands of times harder.

June-July 1999
Guitar Haus

McAvinchey signs off on the popular series; what will the future bring.

June-July 2000
Will Landrum

Do you wonder if you could ever be as good as your favorite guitar player? Will Landrum is back with good news.

October-November 2000
Steve Booke

Acoustic, electric, if it`s got six, Steve Booke plays `em. He`s here to reveal the essence of recording legacy.

February-March 2001
Joe Bochar

Ready to experience horrific encounters with pop culture? Take a ride with Joboj.

April-May 2001

Playing guitar in a purple haze, with no concept of the real world? Curtis relates his own take on musical devotion.

August-September 2001
Jamie Andreas

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas discusses a controversial topic, is talent born, or made? You decide.

February-March 2002
Tom Hess Opus 2

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess will break you of your tendency to quit.

October-November 2002
Brian Loyd

Hard questions to ask yourself before your next recording session begins.

June-July 2003
Tom Hess Opus 2

Stop pulling out your hair, read the latest gem from Mr. Hess.


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