Tony Koretz

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December-January 2006

Fitting those killer electric guitar tracks into the mix at mixdown.

December-January 2005

A few ideas that will help make up the next great guitar solo.

August-September 2005

Got amp? Need tone? Tips for a great electric guitar sound.

June-July 2005

Making an acoustic guitar sound good in the mix, part deux.

April-May 2005

Now you`ve got a good recorded acoustic guitar sound, let`s make sure it sounds good in the mix.

December-January 2004

A practical approach to getting a good recorded acoustic guitar sound.

Tony Koretz is a musician, singer, songwriter and audio engineer, based in New Zealand. He is involved in all aspects of music production, from writing and playing music to recording, mixing and mastering.

He runs Rocksure Soundz Ltd, a recording and production company.

Tony Koretz

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