Michael Knight

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October-November 2012

Michael Knight shares some ideas for keeping a positive light on your band.

June-July 2012

Michael Knight has a 4-note diminished scale for you to add to your repertoire.

April-May 2012

Michael Knight returns with the first installment of his Exotic Scales series.

February-March 2012

Here`s a lesson in dynamics from Michael Knight - make your songs come alive with cues from bands such as Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Rush and Nirvana.

December-January 2011

Here are some great suggestions from Michael Knight on how to get a better live sound.

October-November 2011

The differences between who who think you are, and who you actually are.

August-September 2011

You eventually have to leave the warm comfort zone you`ve assembled for your creativity.

June-July 2011

Here are some tips in order to gain a successful live show following.

June-July 2009

Here`s some ideas for making your act the best deal in town.

February-March 2009

Will you be able to continue making music in the future or will this be the end of the road?

August-September 2007

Michael Knight looks at some activities for versatile composition and soloing.

December-January 2003

Michael Knight looks at the elements of composition as they relate to the guitar solo.

Michael Knight is a composer and guitar player from Floral Park, NY, who has released several independent CDs on his own label, Knight Music Productions.

His latest CD is entitled "Electric Horrorland", another musical descent into the darkest depths of the abyss.

Michael Knight

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