Martin Schmidt

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August-September 2009

There was no internet when I started and file sharing has been the most destructive force to the music business and it`s been the most positive force in a fan`s world.

April-May 2008

I`m more interested in songs than in players. I love the last Coldplay album, because there`s great melody. There`s new guys like Derek Trucks and Joe Bonamassa, who really play well and say something emotional.

April-May 2006

Instrumental music kind of reminds me of little orchestra or classical pieces, because there`s so much information going on. It`s a challenge to do, it`s really hard to do that stuff.

April-May 2006

I started to get calls from different record labels, they had interest in me, but at the end of the day the didn`t know what to do with me, because it`s not really jazz, although it`s jazzy, it`s not really blues, but bluesy.

June-July 2004

There`s very few radio stations who play surf, rockabilly or blues, together with current folk or roots music. It`s always Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or the Backstreet Boys. I just wish that the kids coming up would have a choice to be able to hear everything on the radio and be exposed to that stuff.

February-March 2004

I run my business, do my own booking, I do everything! We don`t have no managers, no agents, none of that. That`s what I tell these kids now. You`re better off making your own record, selling it at your own place and owning the rights to your own records.

December-January 2003

I just wanted to explore a mellower kind of psychedelic thing on the last record. There¥s some great stuff on it. It got really great reviews in the United States, all over the place. But the record company actually fell apart and now it¥s not even available.

April-May 2003

The main thing over here is, we have big media problems. People that do weirder kind of music, jazz, fusion or blues, there is not a big radio market for it, like there is in other countries. As a result of that, people don¥t get to hear the music and they don¥t show up at the gigs.

If you watched too much TV in the '70s, dig old Clint Eastwood movies and prefer instrumental music, Martin Schmidt, aka The Incredible Mr. Smith, delivers the right sound for your ears.

Have you ever dreamed of a guitarist that sounds like the bastard son of Dick Dale, Link Wray, Jimi Hendrix. and Jeff Beck? Your search may have come to an end.

Since 1999 The Incredible Mr. Smith released three CDs with all original music. He's also touring round the globe with the Razorblades.

Martin Schmidt

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