Joe Matera

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February-March 2001

Everyone wants to be loved, and for a musician guitar player that means to be heard and loved with unbiased ears. I want to keep the freedom I`ve attained by being a guitarist. That outlaw time zone I mentioned. It`s an achievement that`s ongoing, you could say I have achieved it, but you have to stay on the case, because things can change on any given day. You can`t let creativity stop.

October-November 2000

Transcribing is difficult work that takes a lot of concentration--I usually use headphones and I use a switching box which allows me to hear the right or left channel only through both sides of the headphones. This helps when trying to zero in on a particular guitar part. A thorough knowledge of music notation is mandatory also.

August-September 2000

Don`t get jealous. Don`t put other people down for their playing. You have to concentrate on what you want to do and study and appreciate the works of other people. Don`t rip off works of your friends, take a little from them and add some originality. I have found that the people who take ideas and riffs from others blatantly without giving credit are usually mediocre musicians and writers.

Joe Matera is an Australian singer/songwriter, rock guitarist and recording artist for European based record label W.A.R Productions.

As a 25 + year veteran of countless original and covers outfits, his impressive playing CV includes, being lead guitarist in Australian rock outfit Geisha (2007 - 2010) and founding lead guitarist for classic rock band Double Vision (2003 - 2008).

He has also contributed guitar to a number of various projects and other artist recordings and has also worked with legendary US producer Tom Werman.

Joe Matera

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