Jean-Pierre Zammit

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August-September 2014

Try these cool runs which be very beneficial, get take you out of trouble.

June-July 2014

Go ahead and `burn` your fretboard with these Major 7th arpeggios.

April-May 2014

Dominants should be the arpeggios you study first since they are used regularly in Blues/Rock progressions and songs.

February-March 2014

Jean-Pierre teaches you about modes, with a small introduction and the `why` and `how` of their existence

December-January 2013

Pinpointing some very important factors that will help the student successfully go through and become a serious guitarist.

August-September 2010

Express yourself with bends using Zammit`s exercises.

June-July 2010

Improve your legato technique with Zammit`s exercises.

April-May 2010

Zammit`s back with the second part of his challenging and beneficial chromatic exercises.

February-March 2010

Zammit`s back with the first part of his challenging and beneficial chromatic exercises.

December-January 2009

Without stamina and strength, the fretting hand won`t respond and will let you down! Use Zammit`s trills workout to build your hand.

October-November 2009

The alternate picking of arpeggios can be a very tough technique to master - here`s a unique way to approach the problem.

August-September 2009

Adapting legato technique to the ubiquitous arpeggio.


Jean-Pierre Zammit is a guitarist and instructor from Malta who has been playing guitar since the age of 14.

Zammit uses complex techniques, time shifts and scales in his writing, and always puts the song and the message he wants to portray first.

His is endorsed by Music Man guitars to use their Axis BFR models and Ernie Ball strings.

Jean-Pierre Zammit

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