Dan Peeke

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Exercises that will challenge you to build a deeper connection with your guitar.

April-May 2021

Many players are questioning whether or not amps are still the necessities they once were.

February-March 2021

Get the most you can out of the rehearsal time you have scheduled.

Dan Peeke is a music tutor and writer. He has played piano since he was 4, and guitar and drum kit since he was 11.

He plays a Guild acoustic and a Pacifica electric. He has been sent to many festivals and gigs (ranging from pop to extreme metal) as both a photographer and reviewer, with his proudest achievement so far being an interview he conducted with Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis guitarist).

His favorite genre of music is progressive rock, which he likes to use as a reference point in his teaching, thanks to its huge complexity in structure, rhythm and harmony.

Dan Peeke

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