Dan Lambert

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February-March 2011

Getting back to the studio after years away, and recapturing the fun and the magic.

October-November 2004

What Dan`s learned, from beginning on an instrument - to sustaining a career.

February-March 2004

Dan Lambert with a story about gigging abroad.

April-May 2001

How to give restaurant patrons a reason to come for the music - in addition to the meal.

February-March 2001

One of the most liberating ways to deliver your music can also be overwhelming.

June-July 2000

A story about a guitar (well, a couple of guitars, actually).

Dan Lambert is a guitarist, performer, recording artist and teacher out of El Paso, Texas with five CDs under his belt and another on the way.

His latest instrumental CD is entitled "The Double Drum Trio".

Dan Lambert

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