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February-March 2006

Times are perfect for releasing your own CD and this article will give you some planning and recording ideas.

December-January 2005

If you think a Slash Chord is only found on a Guns `n` Roses album, you really need this article.

June-July 2005

A whole lot of great information about how to get new uses out of the pentatonic scale.

June-July 2004

Small-handed Chris Juergensen shows you how to stretch to achieve great harmonic choices in chords.

August-September 2003

The changes in the music business, and how they should make you very happy.

June-July 2003

Constructing your own chord voicings and increasing your chord vocabulary.

April-May 2003

How Chris satisfies both his financial and artistic needs and how you can too.

February-March 2003

One of the things that makes the guitar different from other instruments is the fact that you can incorporate open strings into chord voicings. Here`s how.

December-January 2002

Know who you are playing with before you play any super big, wide sounding chords.

New Yorker Chris Juergensen is long time studio musician and session guitarist currently living and teaching in Japan.

His latest project is "Big Bad Sun", a CD traditional in nature, and contemporary in sound.

Chris Juergensen

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