Beetronics Overhive Medium Gain Overdrive

Transparent low gain and pummeling high gain - the Beetronics Overhive mid-gain overdrive pedal expertly weaves between these two extremes, delivering a “just-right” level of medium dirt with endless tonal versatility! This pedal’s harmonic-rich tone sports a savory touch sensitivity to your playing dynamics, and it has the wonderful quality of improving your amp and guitar’s base sound without losing its inherent sonic characteristics. Guitar sounding a bit thin? The Overhive's Body switch augments your tone a thick low end boost, while the Hive switch is a great way to tighten up your tone and increase clarity.

This is an extremely versatile medium gain overdrive. It’s round and warm tone respects your amp, enhancing it’s best qualities while dynamically reacting to your playing. This pedal achieves the elusive mid-gain overdrive without making you feel a disconnect between you and your amp. Your sound remains punchy and direct with a warm musical break up and singing sustain. The controls give you nearly infinite possibilities. While the "Body" switch it's great for when you are switching guitars on a set or just feel like adding a low end boost, the "Hive" switch can make you sound bigger and fatter, or tighter and thinner. The "Honey" control just adds the sugar. Roll it down for a nice and smooth crunch, or roll it up for a smooth and dynamic drive, where your hands dictate the breakup. You also got a tone control and master volume. With so many possibilities, it's hard to not find a place for it on your board. It's truly a hive of sweet tones.

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9V battery; 9V tip negative