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Visual Cliff


Instrumental Progressive Fusion Tracks

The four members of the Pittsburgh area band Visual Cliff offer nine tracks of intense progressive fusion on their second CD, entitled Key To Eternity. Now, whether you're listening to progressive fusion, or fusion-inspired progressive rock can be debated, however the latter description may be a bit more accurate for most of the tracks. The fact that this debate could occur may be one of the strengths of their music, which is inspired by artists such as Alex Lifeson, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth and Pat Metheny. Guitarist Rob Perez, not a start to finish soloing show-off by any means, is probably more akin to Lifeson in his soloing approach, punctuating his tracks with short bursts of shredded insanity, melodic maelstroms and quietly passionate lines. Drummer Rick Mals (nice Roland V-Drum work), keyboardist Rob Klan and bassist Eric Fuller round out the quartet, which, based on their compositional strength and determination to grow and develop, should have a long recorded legacy in their future.


Visual Cliff is the musical brainchild of guitarist Rob Perez. Rob started his musical career in the late '80s in New York City. After three years of gigging, which included opening up shows for Ozzy Osbourne, White Lion, Living Color and others, he decided tohead back to his hometown of Pittsburgh. In 1999 he put together his own home recording studio and assembled the members of Visual Cliff for their 2000 album "Lyrics For The Living". The CD was later released as a re-mastered and expanded edition on Big Balloon Music. Rob then started his own label and production company called Trinity Records & Productions with which he could springboard his own music. Rob's music is now being distributed by ten different companies all over the world, and his production company is developing new artists, as well as writing music for film use.

Visual Cliff hopes that their fans and hew listeners will find their tunes uplifting and positive as they are (in the band's most humble opinion) spiritually inspired.

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