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Guitars In A Pop/Rock Context

Not all 'guitar' music features three-minute solos and free-form improvs. Take the title track off Silverhawk's latest CD Westward, a four-minute instrumental blending textural guitar with a spaghetti-western-meets-secret-agent-man feel - sometimes listeners forget the range of our beloved six-string, and its ability to yield so many different musical stylings. Sam and John C. Densmore use a combination of guitar, baritone guitar and bass to create their unique 'Johnny Cash melded with the Beatles, Duane Eddy and Ennio Morriconne' potpourri. Sam and John split the vocal chores on the tracks, which include another instrumental, "Desert Theme", a chillingly haunting melodic number that will make you glad that tap water is always near at hand. These guys could make a nice all-instrumental CD someday if they wished, but for now, pop/rock fans can check out Silverhawk's collection of trippy, imaginative tunes.


Sam Densmore formed Silverhawk in 2000 and released a video entitled "Keeping it Surreal" on and the single "Flowers in June" on Pop Sweatshop records in February of 2001. The band toured the west coast heavily for the year that followed opening shows for an array of bands including Richmond Fontaine, Harvey Danger, IQU and the Blessid Union of Souls. The Densmore Bros. careers have been diverse. They've performed over 800 shows together in the past ten years. They have worked together in various NW bands including the Olympia, WA based Slow Children ("da sein" Runnning Records, 1995), Frequency db ("Blue Down Where the Diver Goes" Resistor Records, 1998) and the Jeremy Wilson Band. They have shared the stage with Screaming Trees, Frank Black, The Posies and more.

The Densmore brothers have a number of shows lined up this summer and fall in support of Westward, be sure to catch them live if you can.

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