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Mark Pelletier


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CityNight is the name of the three song demo CD-R submitted by Mark Pelletier, who hails from Ontario, Canada. The three instrumentals are rooted firmly in the hard rock vein, a la Joe Satriani, with extended solo passages and liberal use of wah-wah, flanger and crunchy Marshall amplification. The production is stripped down to the essential core; drum programs, a few synth sequences, bass by James Leacock and Pelletier's screaming guitar. Pelletier can be regarded as an up-and-coming axeman who raids the metal and hard rock riff archive with taste and discretion, adding his own stamp of distinction to the proceedings. He probably needs a to write a lot more material in order to truly set his music apart from the pack - that, coupled with production/engineering assistance should make his next recorded works a leap forward, and get him closer to his stated goals.


Mark began playing the guitar in 1990, at the age of 20, after beginning in music on instruments such as the trombone, trumpealto saxophone, bass and drums. He regards his primary influences as Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Billy Gibbons, David Gilmour and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Back in 1990, Mark was watching the Much Music show on TV when Satriani's "Big Bad Moon" video came on - ever since, he has devoted himself to instrumental rock music. He regards Satriani as the one player that influenced his decision to pick up the guitar. Mark strives to express the influence of other guitarists he enjoys, such as Satch, and yet be totally distinct. Overall, he hopes his music is uplifting, never tears you down, always builds you up, and inspires others to want to get involved in a genre of music so much needed and loved.

Pelletier's primary goal is to sell his music on a large scale, followed by playing in a live atmosphere, touring, and eventually signing a recording contract. Someday he would love to be part of G3, playing alongside Satriani and Vai.

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