Playing With Another Guitarist

I've just started playing with the guys in No Walls again. We have added another guitarist that also sings lead vocals. When you play with another guitarist it can open up a lot of new musical options.

Most of the songs that we are doing were written by the other guitarist. My job is to complement his parts and take them somewhere else. The first thing I did was learn what he was playing in the tunes and play different voicings, and come up with interesting little bits that will work with his part. We spent a few practice sessions with just us two working out ideas.

The second step was to make sure that our tones worked together. He plays a tele and I play mostly strats & Charvels. So that was pretty easy. He has very good rhythm so he fits in with this band really well and we were able to lock in from the start.

After that it comes down to respect and wanting to work together. Right now we are putting together material for a new album and getting ready to gig. I'm looking forward to this new band, with good communication and hard work we will make a great band. Stay tuned to see how things develop.

Mike O'Malley's instrumental power trio is called No Walls and their latest CD is entitled "World Abroad". He has been playing guitar for almost 30 years and graduated from Music Tech in Minneapolis in 1988.

O'Malley currently has 45 guitar students that range in all ability levels and styles.

Mike O'Malley