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trove /ˈtrōv/ a store of valuable or delightful things: the musician's trove of beautiful, unique guitars.

A look at the Guitar Nine organization's trove of Teye-built guitars, amassed from 1980 through 2022. Teye is a Dutch guitarist, best known for his flamenco guitar work with the Joe Ely band between 1994 and 2000. After his musical career, Teye began building exclusive handmade guitars. It's been called the "Prime Time 9", but that's a somewhat offbeat way of saying Teye's instruments have fallen into the hands of some truly gifted musicians, such as Rich Robinson, Joan Jett, Andy Summers, Zac Brown, Mick Taylor, Keith Urban, Johnny Depp and Robert Rodriguez.

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Teye La Perla Knights Templar
Teye Emperor Series La Perla
Teye Super E series La Canastera
Teye Emperor Series La Azteca
Teye Super Coyote
Teye Gypsy Queen Ghostback
Teye Apache L Series
Teye La Perla Rosa
Teye Gypsy Arrow Shipwreck Le Natural

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