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Jeff Beck


The Story
"Wired" proves that if it works once, it may work again. Jeff Beck's follow up to 1975's successful instrumental release, "Blow By Blow" feaured the contributions of synthesizer god Jan Hammer, and the two musicians play off of one another brilliantly. The cover of Charlie Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" alone makes this CD an essential, but guitarists will love the riffs and solo spots in "Blue Wind" and "Led Boots" as well. "Wired" and "Blow By Blow" were Beck's one-two fusion punch, and musicians everywhere were influenced by these records for years to come.

The Music
04:03 Led Boots Instrumental
05:54 Come Dancing Instrumental
05:30 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Instrumental
02:44 Head For Backstage Pass Instrumental
05:54 Blue Wind Instrumental
06:31 Sophie Instrumental
04:10 Play With Me Instrumental
02:31 Love Is Green Instrumental

The Artists
Jeff Beck  -  Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Narada Michael Walden  -  Drums, Piano
Wilbur Bascomb  -  Bass
Max Middleton  -  Clavinette, Fender Rhodes
Jan Hammer  -  Synthesizer, Drums, Production, Remixing, Engineering
Richard Bailey  -  Drums
Ed Green  -  Drums
George Martin  -  Production
Chris Bond  -  Production Assistance
Pete Henderson  -  Engineering
Dennis McKay  -  Engineering
John Mills  -  Engineering
John Arrias  -  Engineering
Mark Guercio  -  Engineering Assistance
Edwin Lee  -  Cover Design, Back Cover Photography
John Berg  -  Cover Design
Lock Huey  -  Cover Photography
Robert Biro  -  Back Cover Design

Recorded at Air Studios and Trident Studioa - London, Cherokee Studios - Hollywood, California.

Mixed at Caribou Studios - Nederland, Colorado, Sound Labs - Hollywood, California, Red Gate Studios - New York.

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