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Derek Schils

Sharing His Instrumentals On The Net

Derek Schils is a guitarist out of Georgia who submitted his debut, Halfway Home, on CD-R. which features ten instrumental tracks in an intense shred rock style. Having mastered a sizable number of the advanced techniques favored by today's shredders, Schils puts those techniques to work on his nine original compositions, and one cover, "Go Speed Racer", from the cartoon of the same name. Occasionally delving into the seriously intense and dissonant ("Asweep At The Wheel"), Schils proves he can also rein it in a little on a ballad tempo number, such as can be heard on "Within Reach". This is a one-man project from top to bottom (almost, as Cliff Benoit contributes to "EM Blues"), as the six-stringer handles all the instrumentation for his own label, Wheezin' and Wailin' Records. Fans of intense rock and shred can check out Schils' work for near-maximum NPM and heaviness.

alb Derek was born in Wisconsin but raised in the south. He began playing the guitar around the age of 8 because both his father and uncle are accomplished musicians (guitar and bass). In the late '70's, he took to players like Ted Nugent, the boys in Skynyrd and Jimi Hendrix, but it was really players from the early '80s that motivated him to improve his technique, like Randy Rhoads, Edward Van Halen and Neal Schon. The late '80s was also a big period of focus, with players like Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore being big influences. In more recent years, the positive feedback from friends, students and other players finally inspired Derek to record a CD of instrumental guitar music and get on the web with it. As he states, "Even though most of us write and play music purely for the personal joy of it, part of that pleasure is sharing it with others."

Schils always dreamed of someday having his own little studio to write and record original music in, and that has now become a reality.

MP3 Songs
Halfway Home
Asweep At The Wheel

Contact Information
Derek Schils
23 Sweetbriar Lane
Dallas, GA 30157
United States

E-mail: Derek Schils
Web site: www.sounds-of-schils.com

Mike Dollins

Ballads, Blues & More

Little Rock based bluesman Mike Dollins calls his submitted CD-R album Chameleon because when it comes to guitar, he likes playing so many styles and vintages. Blues, of course, form the root of his playing, and his album features six numbers so rooted. Dollins has been playing his axe since 1958, so if you do the math, he's got almost 50 years worth of experience. Dollins loves to solo as well, peppering his songs with improvised lines, not only in traditional solo sections, but also between verses, as intros, as outros, and more. All this means more and more guitar for the blues guitar lover. You can groove and move to his music, and after that, you can check out one of his other umpteen CDs available through his web site.

pic Mike picked up the guitar in 1958 and fell in love with R&B, blues, jazz and gospel music. His blues name, Whisker Fish, came about by his number one all time radio play funk fusion hit called "Whisker Fish", which can still be heard on jazz stations world wide. After spending years forming his name and promoting other artists, Mike's first solo CD was issued in 2000, entitled "Jazz, Rhythm & Blues". Mike has family roots in Arkansas and musical roots in jazz and blues. He has many years of stage playing and performing experience, and has been in bands such as Cruzin', The Jades and The Esquires, among others. Listed in the Blues Hall of Fame, Mike has spent years playing and promoting the blues before it was an in thing.

"Jazz, Rhythm & Blues" still receives airplay on blues, jazz, and fusion FM & Internet radio stations.

MP3 Songs
Sing My Song
Leaving Chicago

Contact Information
JAM Records
P.O. Box 191056
Little Rock, AR 72219
United States

E-mail: Mike Dollins
Web site: www.mikedollins.biz

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