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Iztok Peklar

Pushing Neo-Classical Limits

All the way from Slovenia comes Istok Peklar, riding the neo-classical train on his CD-R demo. Like his influences such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine and Joe Stump, Peklar pumps the arpeggio machine for all its worth, creating the metal mayhem the genre is known for. Mastering the shredded lick, Peklar uses a simple one-man band approach on his demo, prefering to give the guitar all the sonic fireworks. He recorded the tracks in the home studio of a very well known Slovenian guitarist, Bor Zulijan. Peklar also included some demo tracks, including a cover of F.W. Ernst's classical piece, which is actually a cover of Paganini's Venetian Carneval (cover of a cover). Finding like-minded musicians in Slovenia should help Peklar take his music to the next level in the future.

alb Iztok began playing guitar in the town of Maribor, Slovenia at the age of 14. But he was actually exposed to rock and metal at a much earlier age (7 or 8) when his brother introduced him to Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Helloween and Slayer. Inspired by pictures of guitarists in the rock music magazines, Istok took lessons for about a year and a half, before deciding he would progress the rest of the way on his own. In the last 7 or 8 years his practice sessions have gotten very intense, as he prepares himself for a future in music.

Peklar lists additional influences such as Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Joey Tafolla and Chris Impellitteri, as well as classical composers such as Bach, Paganini, Mozart, Chopin Beethoven and Vivaldi.

MP3 Songs
Salto Mortale
No String Shall Be Spared

Contact Information
Iztok Peklar
Roska 11b
2000 Maribor

E-mail: Iztok Peklar
Web site: www.guitarmony.net

Alex Koumpan

Ukrainian Instrumental Rock

Canadian-based, Ukrainian-born guitarist Alex Koumpan submitted an extremely rough demo CD-R with 5 songs he recorded on a 4-track recorder. The songs are rock and hard rock oriented, with Koumpan handling all lead and rhythm guitars, bass and a drum machine. Because of the low-fi recording, it's kind of difficult to hear what Koumpan is after here, and he doesn't break down the songs at all so that you might be able to determine his direction. On a casual listen, the most obvious need here is better compositional direction, with stronger themes and solid song structures. Koumpan could probably benefit by collaboration, getting together with other musicians, as well as production and engineering types.

pic Alex was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1986. At age 11, he took a strong interest in his dad's classical guitar, and decided to begin taking lessons at age 12. Bands such as Metallica and Megadeth prompted Alex to teach himself electric guitar as he continued taking lessons on classical. Later, he took electric guitar lessons as well, where he was introduced to jazz, fusion and theory. Alex' greatest progress was achieved at home, spending countless hours in the basement, playing along with guitar heroes' recordings. As a senior in high school, he played with several bands, including a Toronto metal band by the name of Bleak Destiny. Deciding that music would be his life, Alex enrolled at York University, where he is studying music and working on several music-related projects. He is also teaching privately and at Hi-Note Music in Oakville, Ontario.

Some of Koumpan's many influences include Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Kirk Hammett, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Jim Hall and John Petrucci.

MP3 Songs
Perchance To Dream
A Midsummer Morning

Contact Information
Alex Koumpan
2134 Deer Park Rd.
Oakville, ON L6M 3X4

E-mail: Alex Koumpan

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