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John Kline

Scientist Gets Inside Your Brain

Packing his CD with instrumental rock tracks, Alabama shred guitarist John Kline describes his music as "New Age with Edge". Even if the new age reference leaves the average rock guitar listener scratching their head in disbelief after listening to "Wakey! Wakey!" and "Fruition" off Instrumental Conditioning (which cannot be a bad thing), the 'edge' is quite apparent. Really what you might have here are some hard rock tracks, interspersed with some new age tracks - not quite the same thing. The quality of guitar playing seems to be quite high no matter the genre or label, but for marketing purposes, Kline may wish to separate his two worlds into different project, or band, releases. Overdriven guitar tracks on the hard rock side, acoustic tracks on the new age side - Bob's your uncle - two projects for the price of two.

alb Featuring rock, jazz, ambient, and Celtic influences, John's music has a unique flavor of melodies, textures, and moods, peppered with blazing guitar work. Reviewers have compared him to G3ers Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson. He has been nominated for numerous awards on Garageband, and has been named "Most Versatile" and "Prowar Champion" on Guitarwar. His independently produced CD was released in January 2006. Part of the profits will go to animal charities. In his spare time, Dr. John Kline is a psychology professor, and publishes scientific articles on the neurobiology of emotion and consciousness.

Kline does virtually all of his own composition, instruments, programming, engineering, production and prototype mastering in his modest, cottage industry home recording studio.

MP3 Songs
Wakey! Wakey!

Contact Information
John Kline
P.O. Box 851015
Mobile, AL 36685
United States

E-mail: John Kline
Web site: www.johnnykline.com

Chris Schreiner

Who Is This Guy?

Known in some circles as simply "The Guy", guitarist Chris Schreiner submitted a seven song instrumental CD-R under "The Guy", entitled mystically His First Seven. Anyone who has read "The DaVinci Code" and solved all the puzzles in that book has already figured out that His First Seven, coupled with the fact that there are seven songs on the CD-R, mean that these must be his first seven compositions. We learn from Steven Vai that the number seven has some important qualities - Vai went to Berklee, Schreiner went to Berklee - quod erat demonstrandum. Beyond the proof, Schreiner composes some very listenable stuff on this demo - it keeps you interested, and he doesn't constantly hammer you over the head with technique, even though he possesses plenty of it. Hey guy, nice job!

pic Chris was born on February 16, 1983, and began playing the guitar at age 9, shortly after his older cousin Justin started playing the bass. "I had a dream that Justin and I were running around the house trading licks with a pink Flying V (what would Freud say!?). In the Dream we played amazing and fluent runs effortlessly. When I awoke I had fallen in love with the idea of being extraordinary and proficient at the guitar." While studying at the National Guitar Summer Workshop he attended classes under the guidance of Terry Syrek, Dennis McCumber, David Hamberger and Tobias Horowitz. Attending Berklee, Chris was taught and influenced by Kenwood Dennard and Julien Kasper. Julien introduced his to Steffan Depergolas, the luthier of his D'Pergo strat.

In addition to perhaps catching him on "Extreme Makeover: Alter Ego Edition", check out Schreiner's web site for upcoming live shows scheduled in the Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York areas.

MP3 Songs
Kriss Kuross
And Then We Ride

Contact Information
C.A. Schreiner
41 Surrey Dr.
Norwalk, CT 06851
United States

E-mail: Chris Schreiner
Web site: www.whostheguy.com

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