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Pat Zelenka

Deliberately Seeking The Low End

And now for something completely different. Instead of striving for sonic perfection, guitarist Pat Zelenka has deliberately sought out a lo fi sound, and in fact, named his CD appropriately - Lo Fi Happiness. The majority of the tracks were recorded on Tascam Portastudio and a Marantz 4 track, and two of the tracks ("Platypuss & Dolphins", "Funk In 'A'") were live-in-the-studio jams. A great deal of Lo Fi Happiness comes across as improvised, as Zelenka took the best of the material he had collected on little cassettes he had lying around in order to round out the CD. Check out Zelenka's album if you enjoy the off-the-cuff, shape-shifting, genre-blending solo approach to musical communication and emotional delivery.

alb Pat first began playing music in his teens, and began really working on songwriting in his mid 20's. He classifies his style of playing as a "hodge podge" of influences that he likes to channel. Everything has influenced Pat in one way or another, from classic rock to movie soundtracks, classical music to funk, jazz to country. Influences range from Uli Jon Roth, Jimmy Page and John Coltrane to Bach, Mozart and Ravi Shankar. Music for Pat is a religion, and he attends his musical church on a daily basis. Music has taken him to a place that he would not have otherwise come to. Pat is forever grateful that he discovered music when he did, and he hopes that it continues to bring him the peace that he has only been able to find through music.

Lo Fi Happiness is currently doing well on as many as 15 Internet radio stations, and Zelenka is hoping, through his promotional mailings, to reach an even wider audience.

MP3 Songs
Platypuss & Dolphins
Music For A Car Commerical

Contact Information
Pat Zelenka
610 S. Jenison
Lansing, MI 48915
United States

E-mail: Pat Zelenka
Web site: www.patzelenka.com

Peter James

8 String-Driven Singer/Songwriter

Guitarist Peter James has recently released his CD featuring eleven shimmering examples of his lush, cinematic folk music, entitled Footnotes To Fairytales. Garnering a lot of attention among the mainstream, guitar-oriented press, his album also features fretted and fretless guitarist David Lofton, and Chapman Stick and electric-upright bass player Daniel Panasenko, both of whom supplement James' 8-string guitar playing, complex arrangements and unusual time signatures. It must be pointed out that, at it's core, this is a singer/songwriter style album, but the skill of the musicians and their textural use of many stringed instruments is anything but run-of-the-mill, and will rightly command the enlightened listener's attention. If you're open to his approach, James certainly has one of the best CDs you could ask for.

pic Peter, a self-taught guitarist and songwriter, began writing and performing during his teenage years in the United Kingdom. In 1992 he relocated to Hong Kong. Traveling regularly throughout Southeast Asia, he discovered the commonality of the melodic rhythms about him and classical minimalist music. Inspired, he embarked on an intense period of musical exploration and songwriting. His journey continued to the USA, where he arrived in 1998. Serendipity introduced the complimentary talents of Daniel Panasenko in 2001. David Lofton's artistry completed the collaboration in 2002.

James currently resides in San Francisco and performs regularly on the West Coast. His unique repertoire of guitars includes a 10-string classical by Cardiel, an 8-string, electric-acoustic by Joe Veillette, and a 6-string electric designed by Ned Steinberger. Additionally, both Guitar Player and Guitar One magazines have current and upcoming reviews of his music.

MP3 Songs
Angels And Aeroplanes

Contact Information
Peter James
67 Deming Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
United States

E-mail: Peter James
Web site: www.peterjamesmusic.com

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