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Rendell Gary

Driven Towards Neo-Classical Excellence

So you say you like guitar solos? Virginia based Kendell Gary's music will be right up your alley, as he demonstrates on his self-titled, five song CD-R. Gary is heavily into the neo-classical genre, even taking inspiration from Richard Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkryries" to compose "Beyond Valkries", and a bit of Ludwig Van on "Beethoven Rocker". No-holds-barred metallic neo-classical rock featuring speedy, double-picking, complex, full-throttle lines and mega-heavy rhythmic crunch, all covering a lot of musical ground. Production here is demo quality, designed to give the listener a good idea of where Gary is taking all this in the future. No one-trick pony, his "Tower Of Amour" is a French-style ballad showcasing his ability to deliver intimacy and soul-baring emotion with an electric guitar.

alb Rendell is a 30-year-old guitarist from Newport News, Virginia, who has taught himself both drums and guitar. He started playing drums when he was 10, then moved on to guitar at age 12 after discovering Jimi Hendrix. Rendell later was influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Randy Rhoads, and set himself a goal of going way beyond average - he strove to be astonishing. For the past five years he has played with an instrumental fusion rock band called Emerald Storm, where he played lead guitar, captivating audiences with his technical capabilities and Hendrix style stage dynamics. The band recorded a couple of ten track CDs in addition to their live club performances. Rendell is now interested in pursuing a solo project to create electrifying and diverse combinations of hard rock, metal and neo-classical instrumental music.

Gary's goals are to find a record company and obtain a record deal, so that he can live out his dream of creating mind-blowing music for people, bringing back the soloing guitar era, where the guitar is always in the forefront.

MP3 Songs
Beyond Valkries
Beethoven Rocker

Contact Information
Rendell Gary
325 D-2 Hidenwood Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
United States

E-mail: Rendell Gary

Michael Vigano

Instrumental Rocker Seeks Deal

Canadian guitar player Michael Vigano submitted his six-song demo CD-R project, which features a variety of rock, acoustic and experimental pieces in an instrumental setting. Vigano hooked up with pianist/bassist/guitarist Steve Norman and percussionist Tony Tabora to record the tracks on his demo, which are heavy on the riffs and hot-wired improvisation. All the tracks were recorded with a Fender Strat, a Line 6 amp, a Crate amp and a Shure 57 microphone. An experienced outside producer could certainly help present the music in a better light, but as a demo it probably serves the purpose well enough. Some of the more experimental pieces, such as "Arabian Nightmare" probably hold more promise, needing just a bit more self-editing to truly capture a special performance. Keep coming up with the unusual here, and good things will probably happen.

pic Michael started playing the guitar at the age of sixteen. He started listening to artists such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and soon responded to the advanced guitar work being put forth by players like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Michael then listened to a wide variety of guitar-oriented music from artists as diverse as Van Halen to Scott Henderson, on which he based he current style and approach to guitar playing. He played in various cover and original bands, including Marcel Gangon (Juno award nominee).

Vigano has several goals. His priority is to promote his music and hopefully garner the support of a record company or a management organization. Vigano is also available to do session work, and he also is open to joining a band. Ultimately, he would like to be involved in the music business as a guitarist or a composer.

MP3 Songs
City Cat
Arabian Nightmare

Contact Information
Michael Vigano
110 17th Avenue
Prince George, BC V2L 3X8

E-mail: Michael Vigano

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