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Bluesy Shred, Instrumental Hard Rock

G-Force, featuring guitarist Michael Corsaro has recently released their debut CD Code Red, which features ten original instrumental songs which cover a mix of styles, including bluesy shred ("Slim Pickin", their cover of "Satch Boogie", "Li'l Diddy" and the title track) and hard rock ("Stronger Than Before", "Swept Away", "Showdown", "Freeway"). The CD also includes a pair of slower numbers, but with bands with this much energy, the up-tempo numbers are the way to go. Corsaro uses a host of playing techniques on his compositions acquired through years of experience - you'll hear squalling riffs, biting licks, fiery wah-wah mantras, and searing solos that light up the CD like a flare gun after a power outage. If you are familiar with Joe Satriani, you'll find a kindred soul in Corsaro and G-Force (not to be confused with Gary Moore's '80s-era rock band).

With over 25 years of performance, writing and recording experience, guitarist Michael Corsaro is one of the Philadelphia area's premier guitarists. In addition to writing, recording and performing his own style of instrumental guitar music, Michael enjoys conducting guitar clinics and private tutorial lessons within the Philadelphia area. Throughout his career, he has received critical acclaim for his guitar playing ability and still performs and records in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. Recently, Michael teamed up with other musical scholars (drummer Steve Urgalvitch, keyboardist Jason Mento and bassist Steve Kohler) to form the all instrumental group G-Force.

G-Force is currently trying to get a management/record deal to help support their new album. The band members also do a large amount of session work and touring as hired musicians.

Contact Information
636 Catherine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19417
United States

E-mail: G-Force
Web site: www.gforcerocks.com

Electric Gypsies

Scorched, Raw Guitar

Are you ready for your guitar raw, live, loud and 'scorched'? Then you need to check out the Electric Gypsies new CD Scorched Earth, which features their guitarist Bernie Torme, the axeman behind Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz, Atomic Rooster, Dee Snider's Desperado and others. The CD showcases the group in its natural live habitat and is culled from many recordings made over the 1999-2001 period. Powerful and raw, the guitar that bursts from the speakers with startling urgency and grabs you by the throat, not to let go until you had a proper throttling. This is heavy power trio stuff that will get your fist pounding, and the air guitar licks flying. Tracks such as "All I Want", "Bad Blood" and "Mystery Train " are right in your face - as a good live album should be. Energetic hard rockin' guitaristic punk from the U.K. trio.

pic Born in Dublin, Ireland, Bernie Torme got his first guitar at age 11. In London, Bernie formed a three piece band called Scrapyard, which eventually evolved into the Bernie Torme Band. That group got their first record deal at the beginning of the punk era: they remain the only punk band on record with a resident guitar hero. Bernie came to the attention of ex-Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan, and was asked by Ian to join his band shortly afterwards. Torme later toured and recorded with Atomic Rooster, and in 1982 Bernie stood in temporarily for Randy Rhoads with Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz, following Randy's tragic death in an air crash. At that time Bernie was already involved in forming what became the Electric Gypsies.

Using drummer Chris Jones and bass player John Pearce of the Anti-Nowhere League, a new Bernie Torme / Electric Gypsies album titled "White Trash Guitar" was released in October of 1999. The Electric Gypsies have recently replaced Chris Jones with drummer Simon Jeffrey.

Contact Information
Proper Distribution
United Kingdom

E-mail: Electric Gypsies
Web site: www.bernietorme.co.uk

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