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George Bellas

"Turn Of The Millennium"

The Story
"Turn Of The Millennium", George Bellas' debut release, is an album of intensely heavy compositions with odd-time meter and neo-classical, progressive overtones. The CD features some extended tracks--check out the 12 minute "Everlasting" or the 9 minute "Monolith". Bellas leads the way for a new breed of guitar players as he explores the outer realms of cutting-edge guitar music, blending crunch and speedy neo-classical guitar. Kevin Chown, as always, is tremendous on bass. "Turn Of The Millennium" also features Deen Castronovo on drums.

The Music
08:05 Turn Of The Millennium Instrumental
04:48 Ripped To Shreds Instrumental
12:17 Everlasting Instrumental
03:42 Relentless Instrumental
04:11 Voyage In Time Instrumental
04:46 Forever In Time Instrumental
05:48 Future Music Instrumental
04:03 Eternity Instrumental
05:31 Survive Instrumental
09:42 Monolith Instrumental
07:02 Lightyears Instrumental

The Artists
George Bellas  -  All Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Production, Arrangements, Orchestration, Engineering
Deen Castronovo  -  Drums
Brad Kaiser  -  Drums
Matt Guillory  -  Additional Keyboard Pads, Keyboard Solos
Mike McCarron  -  Drums, Engineering
Kevin Chown  -  Bass
Mike Varney  -  Production, Photography
Kevin Hahn  -  Engineering
Chris Stevens  -  Engineering
Scott Johnson  -  Engineering
James Murphy  -  Engineering
Larry Brewer  -  Mixing
Christopher Ash  -  Mastering
Dave Stephens  -  Album Cover Design
Dave Schutt  -  Photography

All instruments recorded at Prodigy studios except: Deen Castronovo`s drums engineered at Opal Studios, Portland, OR; Brad Kaiser`s drums recorded at Prarie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA; Mike McCarron`s drums recorded at Octagon studios; Matt Guillory`s keyboard overdubs recorded at Sound Temple studios, Oakland, CA.

Mixed at Prarie Sun Studios.

Mastered at Sound One.

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