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Scotty Anderson

"Triple Stop"

The Story
Jim Hilmar of Vintage Guitar Magazine writes, "Exceptionally eclectic musical tastes, jaw-dropping technique, terrific tone and musical abilities most of us can only dream of having. Scotty Anderson has all of these qualities and then some. Scotty has explored rock and roll, blues and rhythm and blues, mastered country pickin' and dipped into some serious jazz, developing his own terrific version of country-jazz. "Triple Stop" features material from Stan Kenton, Horace Silver, the public domain as well as some great original Anderson numbers ("Boog's Boogie", "Grabbit"). "Grabbit" is in the bluegrass/jazz vein (complete with vibes) and features a very tricky head and driving pace, while "Boog's Boogie" is a real 'forehead slapper' complete with a bebop intro, killer boogie licks, great jazz lines, too-hip country pickin' and plenty of energy and drive." "Triple Stop" is an attention grabber from the beginning - and never lets up.

The Music
05:38 Devilish Mary Instrumental
04:28 Boog's Boogie Instrumental
04:12 Theme From 'Perry Mason' Instrumental
03:27 Sweet Sue Instrumental
03:04 Jumpin' Jupiter Instrumental
04:32 Beautiful Maria Of My Soul Instrumental
03:36 John Henry Instrumental
05:46 Artistry In Rhythm Instrumental
05:31 Grabbit Instrumental
05:14 Nutville Instrumental
05:10 Love Me Tender Instrumental

The Artists
Scotty Anderson  -  Guitar, Arrangements
Scott Risner  -  Mandolin
Paul Patterson  -  Fiddle
Michael Sharfe  -  Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Randy Winters  -  Drums
Steve Schmidt  -  Organ, Piano
Gary Winters  -  Trumpet
Steve Hoskins  -  Tenor Sax
Paul Piller  -  Trombone
Orlando Torres  -  Percussion
Doug Morgan  -  Baritone Sax
Rusty Burge  -  Vibes
Patrick Kelly  -  Production, Arrangements
Dale Rabiner  -  Executive Production
Jim Krause  -  Engineering, Mixing
Dan Murphy  -  Mastering
Barbara Gould  -  Art Direction
Lori Obermeyer  -  Graphic Design

Recorded at Lausche Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH, May-June, 2000.

Mastered at Group Effort Studios, Erlanger, KY, November, 2000.

Photography by Ersatz Enterprises.

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