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Attention Deficit

"Attention Deficit"

The Story
On The Idiot King, Michael Manring, Tim Alexander and Alex Skolnick build on the foundation of their debut, 1998's ""Attention Deficit"", bringing a level of maturity into the songwriting on this sophomore release. Each has brought with him the experience of working on other projects; Michael Manring's constant solo touring, Alex Skolnick's new found interest in pursuing more jazz and fusion in his new home of New York City, and Tim Alexander's continued explorations into rhythm. The feel of The Idiot King rings like an updated version of those great Italian horror soundtracks of the seventies. Intense, atmospheric bass and guitar over the shifting backbeat of drums. Recalling an era of experimentation, when the boundaries between jazz and rock didn't really matter.

The Music
04:04 American Jingo Instrumental
03:10 Any Unforseen Event Instrumental
07:41 The Risk Of Failure Instrumental
04:47 Low Voter Turnout Instrumental
04:05 Unclear, Inarticulate Things Instrumental
07:53 RSVP Instrumental
04:04 My Fellow Astronauts Instrumental
07:12 Dubya Instrumental
04:24 The Killers Are To Blame Instrumental
03:41 Nightmare On 48th St. Instrumental
02:03 Public Speaking Is Very Easy Instrumental

The Artists
Alex Skolnick  -  Guitars, Production, Mixing
Tim Alexander  -  Drums, Guitar, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Michael Manring  -  Bass, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Ralph Patlan  -  Engineering, Mixing
Jim Brick  -  Mastering
Steve Jennings  -  Band Photography

Recorded and mixed at Prairie Sun Recording.

Mastered at Absolute Audio, New York.

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