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Jason Becker

"The Blackberry Jams"

The Story
"The Blackberry Jams" is a collection of private recordings and previously unreleased demos from Jason Becker's "Perpetual Burn" era that gives guitar fans insight into his private musical thoughts from the period. In the words of Jason Becker himself, "These recordings were done between 1987 and 1988 and were recorded onto a Tascam four-track. They are very raw and rough because I never intended for anyone to hear them except for Mike Varney and Marty Friedman. "The Blackberry Jams" includes different variations of parts from familiar songs, demos I did that became parts of songs that Marty Friedman and I wrote together. These demos were recorded as possible music for "Perpetual Burn", "Go Off" and "Dragon's Kiss", Marty Friedman's solo CD."

The Music
00:55 Go Off! Intro Instrumental
01:47 Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent Instrumental
05:30 Optitudes Instrumental
04:00 Church Of The Weird Instrumental
04:14 Mabel's Air... Could It BE Any Faster? Instrumental
00:48 Short X-Ray Eyes Instrumental
01:28 Airage Instrumental
03:25 Perpetual Burn Instrumental
03:15 Ashram Of You, Lee Instrumental
00:19 Images Intro Instrumental
02:11 Mabel... Simple Little Nibbling Instrumental
01:43 Jewel Instrumental
00:53 Kind Of Like A Spring Instrumental
02:46 Air Instrumental
02:42 Ten Yellow Pointy Kitties Instrumental
01:03 Absurd Temple Jig Instrumental
00:46 Part Of Stranger Instrumental
01:31 There's That Instrumental
04:13 Black Cat Instrumental
00:34 Little Rippage Instrumental
04:48 Perpetual Tudes Instrumental
01:05 Floor Pie Instrumental
01:03 El Beckero Instrumental
01:37 Pocus I Say Instrumental
05:08 Coglomeration... Boy Meets Guitar Instrumental
00:58 Little Dweller Instrumental
02:47 Jewel #2 Instrumental
04:56 Long X-Ray Eyes Instrumental
02:50 Attitudes Jam Instrumental
01:11 Bemesderfer's Wooping Stick Instrumental
02:31 If It Wern't So Purdy I'd Call It... Instrumental

The Artists
Jason Becker  -  Guitars, Arrangements, Production, Cover Artwork Design, Inside Cover Design
Marty Friedman  -  Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Bemesderfer  -  Yamaha Wind Controller, Flutem, Digital Restoration, Mastering
Darren Driver  -  Percussion
Mike Varney  -  Executive Production
George Bellas  -  Inside Cover Design
Gary Becker  -  Cover Cartoon, CD Lettering
Ross Pelton  -  Photography
Rhonda J. McCormick  -  Photography
Ron Becker  -  Photography
Pat Johnson  -  Photography
Carl DePolo  -  Photography
Dan Alvarez  -  Photography
Marilyn White  -  Photography
Tim Olayos  -  Photography
Egroeg Salleb  -  Photography

Mastered at Spark Mastering.

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