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"The Best Of Armik"

The Story
Armik;s masterful guitar playing was first discovered by his large allegiance of fans in 1994 with the release of the "Rain Dancer" album for Baja/TSR Records. The track "For Annette" received extensive airplay throughout the United States on Smooth Jazz radio and the album soared into the Top 10 on Billboard Magazine's New Age chart selling well over 100,000 units. But this success was only the beginning as Armik's next album, "Gypsy Flame", planted itself firmly on Billboard's New Age chart for over five months and sold an astonishing 300,000 units. With each subsequent release, Armik's enormous talent has become more evident and his loyal fans anxiously anticipate each new album. Four subsequent albums for Baja/TSR Records: "Rubia", "Malaga", "Isla Del Sol" and "Rosas Del Amor" have cememted Armik's stature as one of the preeminent new flamenco guitarists in the world. Now, by popular demand, "The Best Of Armik" has been compiled enabling everyone to discover the passion and skill that has captivated millions worldwide.

The Music
05:13 Pure Paradise Instrumental
04:52 Gypsy Flame Instrumental
04:35 For Annette Instrumental
04:59 Maldonado Instrumental
05:39 Lagrimas De Guitarra Instrumental
04:58 Isla Del Sol Instrumental
05:00 Lovers In Madrid Instrumental
04:34 Escapade Instrumental
05:09 Veil Of Desire Instrumental
05:09 Sailing To Bimini Instrumental
04:43 Andalucia La Luna Instrumental
05:00 Ritmos Flamenco Instrumental
05:51 Primavera Instrumental
04:48 Marbella Instrumental

The Artists
Armik  -  Guitar, Production
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Peter Mars  -  Graphic Design
Michael Wong  -  Cover Photography
Natalie Hayden  -  Album Sequencing

Mastered at Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

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