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Johnny A.

"Taste Tone Space"

The Story
Johnny A.'s "Taste Tone Space" DVD explores the guitar style of the Favored Nations guitarist in an entertaining and informative format. Watch Johnny and his band perform eight of his most popular songs from his two Favored Nations releases, "Sometime Tuesday Morning" and "Get Inside". Each song is followed by a sit-down with Johnny as he talks about some of the specific concepts and techniques involved in playing the song. Also included are discussions about Johnny's gear, influences, and approaches to writing and recording.

Songs include "Hip Bone", "Crea Gata", "Oh Yeah", "Sometime Tuesday Morning", "Tex Critter", "Two Wheel Horse", "Wichita Lineman" and "You Don't Love Me".

Special DVD features include: Printable PDFs of Guitar Tab Music For Six Songs, An Up-Close Tour Of The Gibson Johnny A. Signature Guitar, Bonus Performances Featuring Albert Lee and Robben Ford, Interview With Bill Strickland (Founder of the Manchester Craftmen's Guild), Dolby Digital Stereo.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Clear and detailed instruction is given both on screen and in the accompanying booklet.

Additional Facts
As one of the first artists signed to Steve Vai's guitar-intensive Favored Nations label, Johnny A. has rapidly established himself as a premier guitarist with a uniquely beautiful concept of the instrument. Johnny's tasteful blend of blues, country, rock and jazz, combined with his stunning guitar tones and masterful use of space and texture have made him an underground guitar legend.

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