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Chet Atkins

"Stay Tuned"

The Story
"Stay Tuned" is a wonderful instrumental release from guitarist Chet Atkins and a lot of guest guitarists such as George Benson, Larry Carlton, Earl Klugh, Mark Knopfler, Brent Mason and Steve Lukather. "Stay Tuned" is a musical summit meeting featuring the legendary Chet Atkins in the company of some of the most illustrious jazz and rock guitarists of our time. As bassist/producer David Hungate puts it, "None of the stock labels fit Chet. It's not just that his playing incorporates elements of pop, jazz, country and the classics, but more importantly because he is one of the precious few artists whose music has never stopped growing and evolving."

The Music
04:06 Sunrise Instrumental
04:01 Please Stay Tuned Instrumental
03:33 Quiet Eyes Instrumental
03:52 A Mouse In The House Instrumental
03:56 Some Leather And Lace Instrumental
03:30 The Cricket Ballet Instrumental
04:14 Cosmic Square Dance Instrumental
03:57 The Boot And The Stone Instrumental
04:08 Tap Room Instrumental
01:26 If I Should Lose You Instrumental

The Artists
Chet Atkins  -  Guitar, Production
George Benson  -  Guitar, Production
Larry Carlton  -  Guitar
Earl Klugh  -  Guitar
Mark Knopfler  -  Guitar
Steve Lukather  -  Guitar
Brent Mason  -  Guitar
Dean Parks  -  Guitar
Paul Yandell  -  Guitar
Mark Hammond  -  Drums
Larrie Londin  -  Drums
Jeff Porcaro  -  Drums (on "Artful Dodger")
Paulinho Da Costa  -  Percussion
Terry McMillan  -  Percussion
Darrly Dybka  -  Keyboards
Randy Goodrun  -  Keyboards
Clayton Ivey  -  Keyboards
Shane Keister  -  Keyboards
Mark O`Connor  -  Violin, Fiddle
Boots Randolph  -  Sax
David Hungate  -  Bass, Production
Don Sheffield  -  Horns
James R. Horn  -  Horns
Bergen White  -  String and Horn Arrangement
George Butler  -  Remix Supervision
Mike Poston  -  Engineering
Ernie Winfrey  -  String Section Engineering
Don Hahn  -  Remix Engineering
Joe Borja  -  Engineering Assistance
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering

Recorded at Larry Carlton Studios, L.A., CA Workshop, Nashville and Sound Shop Studios, Nashville.

Remixed at A&M Recording Studios, L.A.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, L.A.

Strings by "A" Strings.

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