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Martin Barre

"Stage Left"

The Story
Martin Barre, long time guitarist for Jethro Tull has released his third solo album, "Stage Left", which features his legendary guitar sound across thirteen instrumental (plus one vocal accompanied) tunes. Patrick Lydon, who writes for Tull World, raves, "Martin's style of writing and his sound has definitely progressed over the course of his three solo albums, yet it still retains that key sound and style you expect from Martin Barre. His music has a certain finesse to it that you don't really hear that often anymore.You can tell Martin really takes some care in putting these tracks together, and although they may not be awash with technically challenging, fingers of fire passages, it makes up for it with a great mix of fun and beautiful melodies. Plus, there's enough of the fast stuff in there to let you know Martin can still throw down those fiery licks like no one's business."

The Music
02:40 Count The Chickens Instrumental
03:29 As Told By Instrumental
04:35 A French Correction Instrumental
03:50 Murphy's Paw Instrumental
04:04 Favourite Things Instrumental
04:34 After You, After Me Instrumental
01:55 D.I.Y. Instrumental
04:32 Spanish Tears Instrumental
04:08 Stage Fright Instrumental
04:46 Winter Snowscape Instrumental
03:39 Nelly Returns Instrumental
02:57 Celestial Servings Instrumental
02:06 I Raise My Glass To You! Instrumental
04:08 Don't Say A Word Vocal

The Artists
Martin Barre  -  Guitars, Mandolins, Bouzouki, Flute, Production, Engineering
Jonathan Noyce  -  Bass
Darrin Mooney  -  Drums
Andrew Giddings  -  Keyboards
Simon Burrett  -  Vocals
Mark Tucker  -  Production, Engineering
John Dent  -  Mastering
Elayne Barre  -  Photography

Recorded at Presshouse Studio, Devon, England.

Mastered at Loud.

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