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Johnny A.

"Sometime Tuesday Morning"

The Story
Fusing blues, rock, pop and jazz, Johnny A.'s "Sometime Tuesday Morning" has already been a big indie success, selling thousands of copies and earning a nomination for Best Debut Album in the Boston Music Awards. Described in the press as "an ethereal wonder...a must-have guitar album," Johnny and his trio present a mix of original material and unusual covers. There's slithery rhythm and shadowy attitude all over these tracks, enough to summon images of late-night bars, moonlight along a waterfront, mysterious candlelit encounters - all without so much as a peep from any vocalist. Johnny's guitar does the 'vocals' on "Sometime Tuesday Morning". His tone - deep and dark, or slick and silvery - is all his own; like all of the greats, he can reveal himself with just one note. Though he's got chops to burn at thrash tempos, Johnny prefers finding the perfect bend, or pulling a shimmering vibrato from his Bigsby, or stacking the most expressive possible chord.

The Music
04:24 Sometime Tuesday Morning Instrumental
04:12 Oh Yeah Instrumental
04:00 Wichita Lineman Instrumental
05:10 Two Wheel Horse Instrumental
04:38 In The Wind Instrumental
03:17 Yes It Is Instrumental
03:34 You Don't Love Me Instrumental
03:14 Up In The Attic Instrumental
02:55 Walk Don't Run Instrumental
02:35 Tex Critter Instrumental
05:25 Lullabye For Nicole Instrumental
04:26 Walkin' West Ave. Instrumental

The Artists
Johnny A.  -  Guitars, Bajo Sexto, Lap Steel, Production, Mixing
Graig MacIntyre  -  Drums
Ed Spargo  -  Electric Bass
John LaMoia  -  Hand Percussion
Mark Valentine  -  Snaps and Claps on "Oh Yeah"
Dave Lefkowitz  -  Engineering, Mixing
Mark Valentine  -  Engineering Assistance
Scott Hull  -  Mastering
Paul Lyden  -  Photography
Kim Seaberg  -  Art Direction
Lee Aldrich  -  Tonic, Powder
Shari Fecteau  -  Clothing Styling

Recorded and mixed at Blue Jay Studios, Carlilse, MA.

Mastered at Classic Sound, N.Y.C.

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