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"Sacred Pathways"

The Story
Artension is a progressive metal band made of up five very talented and well trained musicians: Vitalij Kuprij (Ring Of Fire) on keyboards, Kevin Chown (Magnitude 9, Tiles) on bass, Mike Terrana (Rage, Axel Rudi Pell) on drums, John West (Royal Hunt) on vocals and Roger Staffelbach on guitar. In 1996 Artension released their first album "Into The Eye Of The Storm" which got amazing responses from both the public and critics, especially in Japan. More records followed: "Phoenix Rising"; "The Forces Of Nature" and "Machine". Eventually, the band members started to do a lot of different things in order to explore the world of music even further, and it was many years before the members of the original lineup were finally able to get together again. This immediately interested Italy's Frontiers Records, which had always admired the talent of these amazing musicians, and the end result is "Sacred Pathways", an intense and diverse album which showcases all the songwriting sides of this band: melody, intensity, technicality but above all, great songs and breathtaking performances.

The Music
00:57 Voyage To Nasca Instrumental
05:23 Your Victory Vocal
04:40 Running Out Of Time Vocal
05:17 Sacred Pathways Vocal
01:32 Silent Temple Instrumental
05:54 The Emperor Vocal
06:56 Nightmare Vocal
04:12 The Killing Vocal
06:22 The Calm Before The Storm Vocal
06:49 March To Ruin Instrumental
05:58 Flower Of The Orient Vocal
04:04 Nightmare (Radio Edit) Vocal

The Artists
Roger Staffelbach  -  Guitars, Viking Choir
Vitalij Kuprij  -  Keyboards, Production, Viking Choir
John West  -  Vocals, Backing Vocals, Production, Viking Choir
Mike Terrana  -  Drums
Kevin Chown  -  6 String Bass
Lonnie Park  -  Production, Engineering, Backing Vocals
Matt Barnes  -  Engineering Assistance
Dana Merkur  -  Photography
Eric Philippe  -  Logo, Artwork, Cover Design
David Feinstein  -  Viking Choir
Bob Twining  -  Viking Choir
Rick Harris  -  Viking Choir

Rehearsed, tracked, mixed and mastered at Ultimate Music Center, Cortland, NY.

Styling by Lisa Allen.

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