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K.K. Martin

Delta-Flavored Bluesman Releases CD

Take a step back into the '20s and '30s, preferably at a crossroads in rural Mississippi, and you'll appreciate the talent and soul that went into the recording of Naked Blues, guitarist/singer K.K. Martin's passionate acoustic ode to Delta-flavored blues. Thirteen tracks, with nothing but a guitar and a voice, Martin brings the summer evening jams on the front porch to life. A healthy helping of weeping slide work helps to color selections such as "Graveyard Blues" and "Killin Me By Degrees", Martin cuts loose on the instrumental "Up Jumps The Devil", and lyrically, it's all here, drop down mamas, cotton fields, levees, good women, cheatin' women, bloodshot eyes and 38 specials. Guitarists will surely grab their acoustics and sit down for a lesson in the blues from Martin, who has this genre down cold. Great work. K.K. Martin was originally profiled in the April-May, 2000 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb K.K. is a fourth generation guitarist, singer and songwriter with a background that began in Louisiana. He learned blues and country fingerstyle techniques from his grandmother, then performed professionally with his mother and father as a child. K.K. later moved to California, became immersed in the local rock scene, and at age 16 landed a brief stint with the Albert Collins Band. He later formed his own original band, A La Carte, played in the heavy metal band Shark Island in the '80s, and has just recently come full circle to his roots and first love, the blues. K.K. was recently honored at the 9th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards as "Outstanding Blues Artist".

Martin has also recently branched out into concert promotion, organizing concerts and outdoor festivals in order to give more musicians the chance to showcase their talents at high-profile venues.

Contact Information
Doug Deutsch Publicity Services
1443 Seward St.
Hollywood, CA 90028
United States

E-mail: K.K. Martin
Web site: www.kkmartin.com

Djam Karet

Fifteen Years Of Progressive Rock Fusion

Being called the "greatest undiscovered band in the world" by Electronic Musician magazine certainly qualifies the four-piece group known as Djam Karet for our Undiscovered column. Their CD Burning The Hard City is a reissue of their 1991 release and features dual guitars (Gayle Ellett, Mike Henderson), keyboards, bass (Henry J. Osborne) and drums (Chuck Oken, Jr.) on seven extended tracks (six of which clock in at over eight minutes). The music offers tons of guitar histrionics, feedback, improvisations and, of course, wailing guitar solos (sometimes four to a tune). Having been compared to King Crimson and Pink Floyd, Djam Karet nevertheless delivers a signature hard, progressive, and futuristic sounding collection on Burning The Hard City. It's highly unlikely fans of instrumental prog would be disappointed by this Southern California band's recorded output -- unique and visionary. Djam Karet was originally profiled in the June-July, 2000 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Established in the fall of 1984, Djam Karet grew out of the ashes of several Los Angeles based bands with the desire to play purely improvisational music, regardless of its popularity or accessibility. Their original performances took place at various colleges and universities in the L.A. area and the music was a free-form mixture of guitar-dominated instrumental rock and textural eastern drone music. Released in the fall of 1987, their album "The Ritual Continues" finally brought Djam Karet the recognition they deserved. They've been together for 15 years now, have 10 albums out and have received reviews in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guitar Player, Keyboard and host of other national publications.

Djam Karet also does film and television soundtracks, having written music for six TV series (including Hard Copy), as well as TV commercials, and films (including "The Search").

Contact Information
Djam Karet
P. O. Box 1421
Topanga, CA 90290
United States

E-mail: Djam Karet
Web site: www.djamkaret.com

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