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Shane Gibson

Look What The Stork Brought

Florida axe wielder Shane Gibson submitted a thirteen song instrumental and vocal CD-R of demo material entitled Mr. Stork. Beginning with "unearthly 32nd note arpeggios at 165 bpm", Gibson takes it from there - cementing his urgent technical sophistication, edgy dissonance, and complex seven-string mayhem firmly to the outer reaches of the listener's cerebrum. His vocal selections are an acquired taste perhaps, but fans of ultra-heavy riffage alternating with highly diverse, graceful, and downright atmospheric passages will warm to his style like cold pizza in a preheated oven. Joe Stump, Derek Gable, Jon Finn, Ron Thal and Doug Stapp are all high on Shane Gibson's guitar work, so you better catch up and check out what is happening south of Georgia. Shane Gibson was originally profiled in the August-September, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Shane's musical journey begins at the age of thirteen after a few chords were taught by his father, and after meeting best friend and current Atlantic Records artist Jeremy Griffith, found that Jeremy's musicianship helped shape the way Shane is today. At the age of 16, Shane won "Battle of the Bands" in East-Coast Florida. He would do so again the year after. After high school, Shane attended Berklee College of Music on a "Berklee's Best" guitarist and "Gary Burton's Music Therapy" scholarship. While at Berklee, Shane performed in many ensembles, bands, concerts, and other studio projects. He also played for radio/commercial jingles. Through the countless musical projects, Shane also gigged with the Japanese/metal band Teiousekkai, who had a huge following around the Boston scene and a fair amount of radio play. After graduating with a degree, Shane would continue recording music, which led to his latest and featured CD, Mr. Stork.

Gibson is also a featured artist on the Chops From Hell web site, where his highly praised instructional video "...Helps the Shredicine Go Down" (as well as his CD-R) can be found. He is currently seeking label representation, and currently works as an instructor at the music institute Playground Music in Fort Walton Beach, Florida with 58 students. Gibson is in a new band, Defable, which finished its 4 song EP this spring.

Contact Information
Shane Gibson
United States

E-mail: Shane Gibson
Web site: www.shaneguitar.com

Kevin Hiatt

Acoustic Wall Of Sound

Creating a wall of sound by slapping, tapping, and plucking on his lushly amplified acoustic guitars, Indiana's Kevin Hiatt has recently released his second CD, entitled Strange Ships On A Blue Horizon. Following in the large footsteps of heroes Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke, Hiatt aims to blow apart conceptions about what fingerstyle music is about, and his instrumentals certainly achieve this lofty goal (the album has a few vocal tracks). Hiatt is an astonishing player, pulling incredible sounds and rich textures out of nowhere to create a wonderful aural experience. He also uses techniques such as two-handed playing and banjo style flailing to up the energy level and keep listener attention at a high level. Hope to hear more instrumentals coming from this talented guitarist in the future. Kevin Hiatt was originally profiled in the October-November, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Kevin, born in 1956, grew up in Kansas City, attended the Conservatory of Music and later earned a doctorate in Music Composition from the University of Miami. He has written over 80 works of music including chamber music, electronic music and orchestral pieces. His compositions have been performed in the United States and in Europe. In 1996, Kevin returned to playing steel string guitar. He performs on six-, seven-, and twelve-string guitars employing a variety of altered tunings and unconventional playing techniques. He has composed a large and eclectic body of music for the six-, seven-, and twelve-string guitars.

Hiatt is currently planning to relocate to San Francisco, where he will no doubt be bringing his music to a live audience in support of his latest CD, along with his first album, "Another Look At The Sunrise".

Contact Information
Kevin Hiatt
8415 Lakeside Dr., Apt. 2B
Fort Wayne, IN 46816
United States

E-mail: Kevin Hiatt
Web site: www.kevinhiattmusic.com

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