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George Cunningham

Delivering The Unfamiliar

Stepping shyly from the background of a stable of Cincinnati bands to the solo spotlight is guitarist George Cunningham with his first CD, the eclectic, nearly-all-instrumental Stumblingham, subtitled "An American Album of Unfamiliar Music". Truth in advertising - at first, everything will be unfamiliar, but a few spins in your CD player, and you rapidly become intimate with the supreme variety of sounds, grooves, tones and creative dementia marking Cunningham's work. He integrates (are you ready?) surf, Latin, Celtic, Middle Eastern, acoustic fingerstyle, '30s jazz and cartoon music - in both hi-fi and lo-fi. Even the titles are creative, from the energetic "Missletoe" to "Art Carne" to the mandolin sounds of "Debussy Fields". Not a wankfest (aw... maybe next time), but a guitar album through and through. George Cunningham was originally profiled in the June-July, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb George has occupied the electric and acoustic guitar chairs for critically heralded Cincinnati bands The Graveblankets, Warsaw Falcons, Pike 27 and gypsy jazz aficionados The Faux Frenchmen. Produced, co-written coddled and tolerated by longtime collaborator and colleague Chris Arduser, the duo consciously decided not to subject listeners to endlessly spewed figures of guitar notage (darn... we'll keep hoping), focusing on their fourteen original compositions. George states, "It's with '50s, '60s and '70s instrumental pop records by people like Booker T and the MGs, Duane Eddy, Dennis Coffey, Link Wray and Buck Owens' Buckaroos that we've made this record."

Cunningham's live band The Flammables includes Stumblingham contributor John Schmidt on electric bass and Jesse Feaster on drums and percussion, as well as Arduser on various instruments.

Contact Information
George Cunningham
4952 Kirby Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223
United States

E-mail: George Cunningham
Web site: www.graveblankets.com

Grant Geissman Quintet

Audiophile Jazz Fusion CD/DVD

Guitarist Grant Geissman assembled an all-star band for his quintet featured on his audiophile jazz CD/DVD, entitled There And Back Again. Gregg Bissonette (drums), Jim Cox (piano), Gordon Goodwin (sax) and Jimmy Johnson (electric bass) contribute their talents to the project, which comes on a double-sided disc (side one featuring DVD-Audio and side two featuring DVD-Video. The fusion here is punchy and red hot, and on the DVD side, you'll feel as if you're taking a private lesson with Geissman, with a great view on how he achieves all of his fancy fretwork. A great use of angles and split screen let you see how the other musicians on this live-in-the-studio concert are faring. Highly recommended for players and non-players alike. The Grant Geissman Quintet were originally profiled in the June-July, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Guitarist/composer Grant Geissman is a much in-demand studio musician who has recorded with such artists as Quincy Jones, David Benoit, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello and Chuck Mangione, among others. He has also played on the scores for such TV shows as Monk, Dawson's Creek, and Touched By An Angel, as well as on movies like The Cable Guy, My Dog Skip, Tomb Raider II, Private Parts, Star Trek: Resurrection, The Majestic and Anaconda. Grant has also been busy working with eclectic musician/composer Van Dyke Parks on Parks' solo projects, and on music for the HBO children's program Harold and the Purple Crayon, for which Geissman and Parks were nominated for an Annie Award. He is also a popular Contemporary Jazz recording artist in his own right, with eleven highly regarded albums as a solo artist.

Geissman is currently writing music for his next CD release where he continues the trip back to his mainstream jazz and blues roots.

Contact Information
Michael Bloom Media Relations
P.O. Box 41380
Los Angeles, CA 90041-0380
United States

E-mail: Grant Geissman Quintet
Web site: www.grantgeissman.com

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