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Josep Traver

Acoustic Bluegrass From Barcelona, Spain

Pure acoustic guitar enjoyment is what you'll hear on Josep Traver's CD-R collection entitled Personal Project. Taking influences such as Clarence White, Doc Watson, Norman Blake and Tony Rice, this versatile professional guitarist from Spain offers beautiful, country/bluegrass style original tunes ("Turkey", "EMB", "Balada") interlaced with bluegrass standards such as "Whiskey Before Breakfast", "Nine Pound Hammer" and ""I'm A Pilgrim". Just to show he's no one-trick pony, Traver includes two tracks (one original) done in the style of Django Reinhardt - nice! He recorded the tracks using his Taylor 414 CE acoustic guitar using flat-pickin' and fingerpickin' techniques - there's even some Nashville tuning and a little slide. Hopefully Traver can land a recording contract, or place some of his original tunes in movie soundtracks, because he's got wonderful technique and a super attitude - great job! Josep Traver was originally profiled in the February-March, 2004 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Josep started playing the guitar at the age eight. Upon turning eighteen, he began studying harmony, arranging and guitar technique at the Escola de Musica de Badalona (EMB). By 1991, Josep was working as a professional guitar player while also teaching guitar at the EMB. Later, he studied classical guitar and obtained his masters degree from the Conservatori Professional de Badalona. During his musical career Josep has worked as an electric and acoustic guitarist in the styles of jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, funk, folk, Dixieland, gypsy swing, pop and rock. From 1999 to 2003, Josep's guitar work could be found and heard on fourteen CD recordings, and he has played concerts such as the Birmingham Jazz Festival, the EWOB Bluegrass Festival and France's Tolouse Country Festival.

At present Traver is involved with several different bands, including the Wild Turkey Band (bluegrass), Django's Castle (gypsy swing), James Lynch (rock 'n' roll) and Andana (folk).

Contact Information
Josep Traver
Marti i Julia, 45 Ent.
08911 Badalona

E-mail: Josep Traver

Jon Gomm

The U.K.'s Triple Threat

Hypertension is the brand-new solo CD release from England's Jon Gomm, who is described as a triple threat - impossible sounding virtuoso guitar work, soaring vocals and a unique, instantly recognizable songwriting style. Comparisons to Michael Hedges vocal songs are probably inevitable, as Hedges used, and Gomm uses, a guitar and a voice to deliver what can come across to the listener as a much fuller sound. Gomm strives to replace a lot of traditional instrumentation with his array of guitar techniques, some of which come across beautifully on record, whereas others are probably even more impressive in a live setting. Hypertension contains two cover songs, but the nine originals (including the instrumental track, "Stupid Blues") really show off Gomm's strengths - look for this English guitarist to make major waves - on both sides of the Atlantic. Maxi Vacherand was originally profiled in the April-May, 2004 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Jon only wanted a guitar for Christmas when he was just 2 years old. He got one. Now he has a bigger one, and throughout his career, Jon has played everything. He started with classical (although his guitar teacher was reluctant to take on such a young fellow!), meanwhile savoring every Beatles song. Then he discovered the dark magic of the blues, and then was lured into the super-fast look-at-me world of the 'rock guitar hero'. He learned to play jazz, to his own bemusement, and then, still reeling, decided he could make the most noise with an acoustic guitar and his mouth. He invented loads of new playing techniques, then heard Michael Hedges in late 2000 and realized that someone else had already invented them and made them sound like God yawning. Jon carried forth all these influences and pooled them into a lump of plastic, squashed it flat and polished it until it shined. That shiny disc is now known as Hypertension.

Gomm has gotten high-profile gigs supporting some of the most respected names on the acoustic circuit such as Tommy Emmanuel, Nick Harper and Woody Mann. He is slated to perform at the 2004 European Guitar Festival in Soave, Italy.

Contact Information
Jon Gomm
United Kingdom

E-mail: Jon Gomm
Web site: www.jongomm.com

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