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Chanan Hanspal

Ready For Crazy Fusion?

Mad Jazz Guitar is the title of the primarily instrumental CD-R release from England's Chanan Hanspal, who blends jazz, classical, rock and blues in a unique fashion, using his ample playing technique to stun the listener. The album uses a number of samples from film and television to highlight various songs, which is either a creative boon, or an exercise in tedium, depending on your personal preferences about such things. Focusing on the music, the jazz/fusion vibe punctuated by some heavy shred guitar was quite uplifting; Hanspal can also deliver some fine clean, melodic guitar improvs, as he does on "Spoonface". Great examples of Hanspal's fine chord work can be heard on "Timid Timmy". Fans of heavy rock fusion will get off on the blazing opening track "Juniper". Hanspal has thoughtfully included something for everyone here on Mad Jazz Guitar, music to excite and enrich. Chanan Hanspal was originally profiled in the August-September, 2003 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Chanan has lived in London for the last 10 years spending his time writing, recording and performing his music, and he has had the good fortune to work with some exceptional musicians who have helped him turn some of the musical manifestations of his imagination into tangible products. He has performed with singers such as Kylie Minogue, Geri Halliwell, and the opera singer Summer, and has appeared in the Gary Oldman film "Nil By Mouth". In 1999 he toured with former Galliano vocalist Valerie Etienne. Chanan has berated such notable musicians as Mike Stern, Herbie Hancock and Nigel Kennedy, even trying to extract compensation from Kennedy's agent for a missed appointment (didn't work). He's got nothing but nice things to say about Minogue's bum.

Hanspal continues to do the odd high profile gig, performing with his band and building his studio. He is presently working on some monstrous guitar orientated material, which should be available very soon, so stay tuned.

Contact Information
Chanan Hanspal
United Kingdom

E-mail: Chanan Hanspal
Web site: www.madjazzguitar.com

Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo

Melding Classical, Latin & Flamenco Styles

San Diego's Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo have recently released Reflections Of San Diego, a smooth blending of flamenco, classical and Latin styles and influences that's melodic enough to warrant broad audience appeal, yet laced with a fiery, virtuosic quality that keeps guitar lovers interested throughout the album. The CD is a tribute to the beautiful city of San Diego, and, being that the area is packed with talented guitar players, the music is an authentic and upbeat reflection of the scene. Songs such as "Sunny & 70", "Santa Ana Winds", "Gaslamp Tango (Zabrina's Song)" and "Shores Of La Jolla" evoke images of the area (best appreciated if you live there, or have had the good fortune to visit), and can also be appreciated as top quality music in its own right. Slayen and Fox should have a long career ahead of them with their instrumental and compositional skills already sharpened - and bound to improve even more. The Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo were originally profiled in the October-November, 2003 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Mike Slayen and Scott Fox grew up in the same San Diego neighborhood and both began playing guitar at a very young age. They both found themselves studying classical guitar with well-known local teacher and performer Fred Benedetti at Grossmont College. They decided to form the Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo while attending San Diego State University during their graduate studies in classical guitar and music composition. In the late summer of 2002, they began writing and recording, eventually releasing their 10 song CD entitled Reflections Of San Diego.

Slayen and Fox have been actively promoting their new CD at venues all over San Diego, Los Angeles and other Southern California locales. They recently performed live on San Diego's local Channel 7/39 on their Concert on the Square series.

Contact Information
Slayen & Fox
6390 Lake Arago Ave.
San Diego, CA 92119
United States

E-mail: Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo
Web site: www.slayenandfox.com

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