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Tony Hallinan

Music That Grabs Your Attention

Tony Hallinan's sample cassette demonstrates melodic, instrumental rock guitar songs which immediately grab the listener's attention. Hallinan is a gifted composer with an ear for a catchy melody, which perfectly complements the fire in his solos and his improvised material. His playing shows elements in common with the styles of Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and Eddie Van Halen, to name a few. Hallinan was originally profiled in the October-November, 1996 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Hallinan is 40 years of age and has been playing guitar since the age of 6. He began with six years of classical training, eventually discovering blues and jazz. He also taught guitar, where he learned to quickly pick up note-for-note solos off records that he could use as material for his students.

Hallinan began playing guitar professionally at the age of 14 as a session guitarist, playing on records by the New Seekers, Ami Stewart, Ian David, Ian Anderson, BBC, ITV television, etc. He has contributed to 15 albums as a session guitarist. He has also recorded several 'library' records in England, which are albums containing music for the use of television and film. Hallinan's next goal is to join a band and/or get a recording deal in the United States.

Contact Information
Tony Hallinan
32 Edgeworth Road
London SE9 6JG
United Kingdom

E-mail: Tony Hallinan
Web site: www.tonyhallinan.net

Scott Sherwood

A Technical Mastery Of Jazz

In the improvisational style of Jim Hall and John Abercrombie follows Philadelphia-based guitarist and composer Scott Sherwood. On his first CD release, Siren Song Sherwood demonstrates his technical mastery of the guitar on six tracks of creative, inspired jazz improvisation. Siren Song was recorded with the Scott Sherwood Trio, consisting of Sherwood, Harold Miller on bass, and Terry Smirl on drums. Sherwood's playing is subtle, yet highly impressionable on Siren Song, as he weaves both developed and free form solos throughout the pieces. The CD's title track is an eleven minute masterpiece of beautiful and challenging music that will satisfy the most jaded of jazz guitar fans. Sherwood was originally profiled in the April-May, 1997 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Sherwood, originally from Milwaukee, received his introduction to jazz through his father's record collection. Starting on guitar at age 15, he received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for three consecutive years while in high school. He later was able to attend the University of Texas at Arlington by winning the Michael Lorimer Guitar and Jazz Studies Scholarship. Sherwood later played original music with the band Kinetic Shower, as well as numerous concerts and clinics in the United States, Scotland and Costa Rica.

Sherwood recently signed to New York's Changing Tones Records, .a label dedicated to creative, improvised music. A follow-up to Siren Song is in the planning stages. Meanwhile, Sherwood continues to tour and perform in the New England and Mid-Atlantic areas with the reformed Scott Sherwood Trio.

Contact Information
Scott Sherwood
310 East 94th Street
New York, NY 10128
United States

Web site: www.scottsherwood.com

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