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Elijah Prophet

Guitar-Oriented Rock/Blues Band

Featuring a "go for it" lead guitar style (courtesy of guitarist D.B. Bryant), the band Elijah Prophet submitted their five song CD-R Jesus Is..., a disc chock full of rock/blues jams and a hard rockin' version of the Doobie's "Jesus Is Just Alright". Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina. The band's name was chosen as a memorable name with spiritual connotations, as their music delivers a positive message, along with the driving rhythms. This is some good time music for sure - the guitars are loud, heavy and energetic, and the four originals on the album are all excellently written songs. Their Doobie Brothers cover has been receiving airplay on several radio stations, with great response - it's a textbook example of how to do a cover tune - Elijah Prophet gives the song their own personality and signature stamp. This band should have a bright future. Elijah Prophet were originally profiled in the October-November, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Elijah Prophet was formed in late 1997 in an effort to break away from the "depressed" music that true guitar rock fans have been forced to listen to and to give them a positive message along with a groovin' sound. Lead guitarist and vocalist D.B. Bryant has played guitar since age 7, and has performed since age 9! He played in the bands Great Southern Railroad and Copperhead before forming Elijah Prophet. Rhythm guitarist Ken McMurray has been playing for 7 years and draws his inspiration from bluesy, southern guitar music. He has played in the groups Fat Daddy Johnson and the Muddy Quarters Band. Aggressive drummer Eric Suttlemyer and bassist Will Bryant round out the quartet.

Elijah Prophet is currently doing opening gigs for many national acts across the Southeast, and at such venues as the House of Blues and the Carolina Amphitheater.

Contact Information
J&L Promotions/Management
P.O. Box 512
Bishopsville, SC 29010
United States

E-mail: Elijah Prophet
Web site: eprophet.hypermart.net

Christian Alsing

Sweden's New Instrumental Progressive Rock

Truly talented and compositionally gifted are two phrases which describe Swedish guitarist Christian Alsing, who sent his six song CD-R demo entitled Aggro for review. Alsing favors creative and unexpected rhythm guitar work, ripping, shred-worthy leads, and a healthy dose of humor (the track "Don't Ask..." could be an ode to cartoon sound effects). This makes his tracks stand up under repeated listenings, as you can hear new things with every spin through the CD player. You'll hear interesting backwards-style guitar and rapid, off-kilter lines, as well as plenty of outlandish playing that almost defies description. All six tracks on the demo are absolute dynamite, so any full-length CD put out by Alsing in the future would be recommended for immediate purchase - it's that good. Christian Alsing was originally profiled in the October-November, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Christian is currently 20 years of age, and has been playing guitar for about eight years. He recently finished studying music for the past three years and has been working as a guitar technician, guitar teacher and sound engineer since then. Christian counts Ron Thal as one of his biggest influences, and looks to Astor Piazzolla and Frank Zappa for melodic inspiration. He also enjoys the music of Mattias 'IA' Eklundh and Dave Marton - musicians that combine good guitar playing with writing good music.

Alsing has a goal of making a living as a musician, and in the meantime is willing to take any job related to music - it's the only way for him to keep his mental health!

Contact Information
Christian Alsing
Bergendals Vag 100
443 51 Lerum

E-mail: Christian Alsing

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