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Laurie Dameron

Classical Folk To Blues, Rock To Jazz

It's difficult to tell sometimes how interested singer/guitarists are in their guitars. Not with Colorado's Laurie Dameron. Just about every picture you see of her is with one (or more!) guitars, and a quick listen to her CD Utah Dreams, reveals a love for the instrument. Dameron's classical folk, blues and other blended musical forms rely on her acoustic guitar for their character and sonic beauty. The CD does feature a number of quality guest musicians, but Dameron performs all of the acoustic guitar work and 90% of the electric lead work, which is top-notch. Her vocals are also perfectly tailored for the music -- her lyrical style incorporates humor as well as touches on more serious topics. The CD itself was inspired by the stunning beauty of Utah's colorful deserts, canyons and mountains. Laurie Dameron was originally profiled in the June-July, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Starting at age four on the piano, Laurie was self taught on the guitar and became proficient by age eight. From then on she was performing for any audience she could find. While attending Adams State College, Laurie attained a minor in music. She toured with ASC Big Band Jazz Ensemble, twice participating in the Annual Greeley Jazz Festival where she impressed jazz virtuoso Johnny Smith enough to receive free lessons. During this time Laurie created the ASC Open Stage and as an emcee she developed a unique rapport with her audience and fellow performers. This gave her plenty of solo time as well as collaborating with others and played a role in formation of her first band.

Dameron is planning to get the word out about her new CD via the Internet and through a number of live performances scheduled for 2001.

Contact Information
Laurie Dameron
P.O. Box 407
Niwot, CO 80544
United States

E-mail: Laurie Dameron
Web site: www.lauriedameron.us

Mark B. Schuster

Instrumental Metal Mad Man

Ready for your daily dose of instrumental hard rock and metal? Look no further than guitarist Mark B. Schuster. He submitted a DAM CD for review, entitled The Return Of Buddy Love, which features 10 tracks firmly in the hard rock and heavy metal arenas that offer mega-riffing, impressively fluid melodic soloing, and contemporary guitar pyrotechnics -- just what the doctor ordered to start the day off right. Check out the vengeance being screamed for on the opening example of metallicalism, "Ridin' The Slipstream". Follow that up with a hearty gulp from "Mostly Mabel", a hard rocker featuring bellicose rhythm crunch and ripping lead fretwork. Schuster writes music to satisfy the needs and tastes of the guitar fan, and he's pretty damn good at it. We should be hearing more from this Illinois-based shredder -- keep an ear out. Mark B. Schuster was originally profiled in the June-July, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Like most kids, Mark was forced to take piano lessons when he was seven years old. And, like most kids, he hated it. He eventually turned his interest towards drums and finally discovered guitar at the age of fifteen. Mark started on a $100 guitar, playing every kind of music he could throughout high school and college. Although he enjoys all styles, one style truly spoke to him and moved him like no other: hard rock. After earning a degree in music, Mark returned home to form several rock groups that would not only hone his musical precision, but foster his writing. He left music for a brief period, but quickly returned, realizing that music will always be a part of him.

Schuster's current plans are to continue exploring and sharpening his playing and compositional skills. His future plans include increasing his exposure on the Internet, and soliciting record labels to obtain a recording contract.

Contact Information
Mark B. Schuster
3107 Priscilla Ave.
Highland Park, IL 60035
United States

E-mail: Mark B. Schuster

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